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Create An Erupting Volcano with the Lush Volcano Fun!

If you’re look for some good clean kid fun look no further than the Lush Volcano Fun kit! This shampoo, soap and bubble bath combo is so much fun to play with!

The scent is tangerine, Ylang, Ylang, Lavender oil, Fennel oil and popping candy for even more fun!

You get a block of dark grey Fun that you can mold into a volcano mountain. Then add red, orange and yellow Fun as the fire and flames!

Finally, you get a mini red, orange and yellow (star) bath bomb to place in the center for the lava!

The volcano was pretty easy to create, the key is to not have holes in the base of the volcano or the water runs out. That happened to me. I wish they would make this in a mega roll so that we could make an even bigger volcano. It was so much fun!

The fizzing lava is the best part! Watch my YouTube video to see it in action.

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Lush Easter 2017 Carrot Wrapped Gift Review

I got to my Lush store this morning and I decided to pick up the Gift Wrapped Carrot for Easter. This thing is amazing and much larger that I thought it would be and it comes with 5 Easter goodies!


What’s to love?

This huge colorful Lush carrot contains 5 Easter themed Lush products and costs $39.95. You get…

Lush Fun in Purple – We love the Lush fun in our house. You can use it as soap, shampoo and bubble bath and this 3.5 oz. pack is a beautiful Easter purple shade.

Bunch of Carrots – This is my second “bunch” of carrots and these cute carrot shaped bubble bars are so cute and they turn the bath water such pretty colors.

Chocolate Easter Egg Soap – This is also my second bar of Chocolate Easter Egg soap. It’s a beautiful lemon scent and has a pretty flower imbedded in the bar.

Pink Bath Bomb – The Pink Bath Bomb is so cute and pretty. It has a Lavender and Vanilla scent with the floral scent being the dominant one. It’s also has 3 cute flowers on top.

Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel – This orange shower gel is infused with carrot and smells wonderful! Every bunny would love this one in their Easter basket.

Also check out my Lush Easter Haul Part 2 which includes the Carrot, the Chick N’ Mix Bath Bomb and a few other goodies!



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Lush Elf Fun Review

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2017. We’re also having decent weather here in Ohio. My outside bush that I use as a backdrop for my photos is snow free so that’s good news too.

For some reason I thought there were only 3 Christmas themed Fun packs! Elf somehow snuck by me but luckily I was able to stock up during the Lush Boxing Day Sale and I wanted to share this one before the holiday seasons is completely over.


What’s to love?

The Elf version of Fun is all about cinnamon which will work great for Valentine’s Day too. It’s red, green, pink and white and comes with two elf legs so you can build your own elf. Or you can do what we do and just break off a chunk for bath time. My kid loves Fun as it’s a bubble bath, shampoo and soap all rolled into one. The main ingredient is corn starch and we’ve never had any skin irritation from Fun which I love.

The expiration date on this Fun is January of 2018 so I’m glad I stock up for the year!


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Lush Santa Christmas Fun Review (the final Fun in the Christmas trilogy!)

As you can probably tell I am a huge fan of the Lush Fun and today I’ve got the final Christmas themed Fun to share with you. I love that there is a Fun Christmas Trilogy!

So I present Santa Fun!


What’s to love?

The Lush Santa Fun is the most traditionally Christmas in that it’s…well…Santa! Combine this mix of white, black, yellow and red into your very own bathtub Santa Claus figure or make your own holiday creation!

This Fun is a spice mix of Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang, Powdered Charcoal and Limonene and it smells amazing! My favorite part of fun is that both kids and adults can use it for bubble bath, shampoo and soap. I’ve tried it and it works great for all three!

The Lush Christmas Fun packages also make great stocking stuffers or little gifts at $7.95 each. I am going to stock up on these before they sell out.

Yep, I’m a Lush addict!


Here are the two other Christmas Fun styles!

Lush Reindeer and Robin Christmas Fun Review


Lush Snow Fairy Christmas Fun Review

Lush Snow Fairy Christmas Fun Review

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Lush Reindeer and Robin Christmas Fun Review

Lush is blowing my Christmas budget this year! I just love their entire holiday line. My most recent accusation is the Reindeer and Robin Fun.


What’s to love?

I love that you can create your own reindeer with this cute Fun kit that even includes “dark chocolate” cocoa butter bits to use for ears, hooves or nose.

You get four colors in this Fun pack: yellow, white, brown and red. The scents are very appealing too. You get a mixture of sweet cola, lime and Gardenia which creates an oddly woodsy and sweet aroma that smells like Christmas.

My kid absolutely this corn starch and glycerine based creation that can be molded into anything you like. It was works as a soap, bubble bath and shampoo. I usually slice the tube of Fun longwise to get all four colors to play with.

The package is $7.95 and we get about 5-7 uses from it. Fun is also Vegan and self-preserving which means that it lasts about a year. I plan on stocking up after the holidays when these go on sale.


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Lush Snow Fairy Christmas Fun Review

I got my first Lush Christmas order yesterday and I am so excited and I’ll be reviewing Lush Christmas products right up until December 25th. First up is one of three Fun products that Lush has for the holidays called Snow Fairy, this one is amazing!


What’s to love?

I think this is my favorite Lush Fun variety for holiday season although they are all really, really  nice. Snow Fairy is a shimmery white, gold and pink mixture that smells like candy (it’s all bubblegum and vanilla) and you even get little wings and a wand to make your own Snow Fairy.


What I love about Fun is that you (and the kids) and create any shape you want. Get creative with creating a magic wand, white cat, pink hat or a gold turtle! Kids seriously love making all kinds of great stuff with Fun and they get clean.

I literally love walking into Lush during the holidays I just need a reasonable budget.


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Lush Sea Monster Fun Review

If you’ve tried Lush Fun you’re probably love the Sea Monster version of Fun.

What’s to love?

Our house loves the original Lush Fun so much that we decided to try the Sea Monster version. While we didn’t actually create a cute sea creature we did love this product.

This one is a mix of lime, lavender and gardenia. It’s a bit stronger than the original version but it smells so good. My thought is that the strong scent is reminiscent of a good fairy tale sea monster.

Like the original you can use Fun as soap, shampoo and bubble bath. Our created a ton of bubbles and made the water a neat murky green. Such a neat product!