Lush FOMO Jelly Mask Review

The new Lush Jelly Masks come in 5 varieties and I have the FOMO Jelly Mask which is extremely gentle as it has calamine powder, rose absolute and neroli oil. It’s actually a bit too gentle for me. I got this one from a Lush North America Facebook contest.

What’s to love?

The FOMO mask smells amazing. It’s a wonderful rose scent that’s not too flowery. The Jelly Masks do take a bit of time getting used to. They have a thick jelly-like consistency and you have to pinch off a bit and rub together in your hands or take the entire thing out and rub on your face.

I got great results with FOMO, but my face just needs a bit more exfoliation. I think this is a neat product and I’d use it again. I want to try Just To Clarify next as it is a face polisher.

One note is that these only last about 4 months which is why the container is so small.