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Lush Frozen Bath Bomb Review

It’s like taking a bath at Elsa and Anna’s castle! Ok, maybe not but the Lush Frozen Bath Bomb is pretty cool.


What’s to love?

This one is really nice if you love roses and floral scents. While it’s not my personal favorite I can see why people love it so much. It’s a whirl of blue and silvery white shimmer and the scent is really strong.

The color is just amazing too, an arctic blue that reminds you of, well…Frozen! So Rose Oil, , Neroli Oil and Geraniol this could fast become a favorite for you. A bunch of the review also mentioned that it’s got a lot of glitter. Mine was shimmery but I didn’t have as much glitter as The Experimenter Bath Bomb.

This bath bomb is also a long one that takes about 8-10 minutes to dissolve and it did leave my feet and hands silky smooth.

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Lush Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb Review

I got the Lush Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb to test in my latest Lush haul and it’s really, really nice. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t like this one but boy was I wrong. Woodsy works for me!


What’s to love?

The one word to describe Guardian of the Forest is in fact Lush! This one smells so earthy with the main ingredient being Cypress Oil with some oakmoss absolute  mixed in. This one is definitely woodsy but I really liked it.

The colors are amazing too. For some reason the green reminds me of the forest in the Flash Gordon movie (how’s that for geeky)!

My tub water turned bright green with streams of yellow that come from the center of the bath bomb. My skin felt really smooth after this one and the green does not stain and there is a tiny bit of shimmer in this one which is nice.




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Lush Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar Review

Jumping Juniper is now my favorite Lush Shampoo Bar which means that I have a serious addiction to these shampoo bars because I am always discovering a new favorite!


What’s to love?

Jumping Juniper is so fresh. It’s a combination of lavender and rosemary with some citrus and juniperberry oil mixed in. I was attracted to this bar because it says it’s for oily hair which I defiantly have.

The lather on this bar is super thick, smells amazing and made my hair feel really clean. I did notice afterwards that my hair was softer and shinier and then next day I had less oil so I’m thinking it works.

So I’m adding this one to my Lush Shampoo Bar rotation and I’m sure I’ll find a new one to add to the mix soon!

Here’s my YouTube Demo of the Lush Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar.

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Lush Refresher Shower Jelly Review

Last month I tried the 93,000 Miles Shower Jelly but it wasn’t my cup of tea. However I didn’t give up on the Shower Jelly line and found one that I absolutely love! Refresher is awesome!


What’s to love?

I immediately loved the scent of the Refresher Shower Jelly. It smells like lemon with a twist. It’s also got Rosewood Oil and Organic Lemon Myrtle Oil which softens the lemon scent and creates a beautiful aroma. The lather was also amazing and made for a really fresh shower experience (hence the name…Refresher).

Once you find a Lush Shower Jelly that you like the rest is just fun. I finally figured out that washing with the entire product works the best. Just keep a fairly tight grip on it. Better yet pop it into the fridge or freezer to cool off on a hot day.

I’ve also read that people use a loofah with the Shower Jelly for optimal performance (sounds like I’m tuning a car!)

Below is the Refresher container and if you’re new to Lush I wanted to show you the sticker. All Lush products have a personalized sticker of who made your product with the “made” date and “expiration” date. As you can see my  Refresher was made on July 18th, 2016 which is pretty cool (and fresh). I just love saying “Fresh” today.

Next up I’d like to try the green Needles and Pines for the holidays.

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Lush Big Solid Hair Conditioner Review

I’ve been using the Lush Big Solid Hair Conditioner bar now for about  a month now and I love it but that wasn’t the case on the first day.

What’s to love?

My first experience with a Lush hair condition bar was Jungle and it didn’t go well. So I tried again with the new Big Condition Bar and almost gave up because I was using it wrong.

The key to success is to put the bar on top of your head and rub down along the length of your hair. This works! Don’t rub the bar in circles, that will make a mess. You can also get some on your fingers and work into your hair. Just don’t rub in circles.

Seriously, once I used Big correctly the results were amazing. My hair is much more conditioned, soft and shiny. I also love the smell which is a unique blend of coconut oil, bladderwrack seaweed,vanilla, jasmine and lemon/lime. I love the scent of this one.

This is now one of my all time favorite conditioners and my daughter loves it too. It completely detangles our thick hair.

I also love that it lasts a long time. The bar in the photo is 3 weeks old and we use it every day.

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Lush Sakura Bath Bomb Review

I did a quick little Lush Bath Bomb test today in Sakura!


What’s to love?

This floral delight is wonderful to the scenes if you like Jasmine and Gardenia. I actually prefer the citrus scents a bit more but this one is nice. It’s basically white with some light blue and pink bursts.

This bath bomb does not last a long time like some of the others (like Fizzbanger) but if you’re someone who doesn’t like a lot of color in your bath this is the one for you. It also left my hands and feet feeling smooth and creamy!


Price $6.55

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Lush Brightside Bubble Bar Review

The Lush Brightside Bubble Bar is the orange citrusy sister of The Comforter and just as nice! This orange is a beautiful color to set out for Halloween too. If I won the lottery my house would be filled with Bubble Bars!


What’s to love?

Brightside is a huge 7 oz. bubble bar that lasts us for about 10 baths. I use a butter knife to cut of a piece for bath time. A small chunk makes loads of bubbles.

If you love citrus like me than you’re going to go bonkers for Brightside. It’s a mix of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oil with a little Gardenia Extract. I just run a piece under the water to start getting bubbles. The water will turn faint orange color with a mild citrusy fragrance. Both me and my daughter love this bar and our skin feels amazing after a bath.

How Brightside is made!

Price: $11.95

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Lush Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser Review

I decided I have a serious problem when it comes to Lush cleansers and face masks, I just love so many of them and like lipstick I love switching them up every week. This week I’m all about the Let the Good Times Roll cleanser.

What’s to love?

Not only does Let the Good Times Roll look like cookie dough it smells like it too. The main ingredients are Maize flour and corn meal which apparently are great at exfoliating because my face literally glows after using this cleaner. I use this in the morning because the scent is so pleasant, really makes you want cookies for breakfast.

To use simply pinch off a small chunk and mix with warm water in your hand. Then I rub in circles on my face for about 30 seconds and remove with a warm wash cloth.

Let the Good Times Roll also has good moisturizing properties so I use an oil-control mask in the evening like Cupcake or Mask of Magnaminty because my face is on the oily side.

So Yes! to another amazing Lush cleanser…I want to try Herbalism next.

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Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb Review

I’ve been going a little crazy with Lush this week because I got a nice haul on Sunday that I wanted to share. Today I tested out the Blackberry Bath Bomb.


What’s to love?

While this bath bomb doesn’t have the “wow” effect of multiple colors or glitter it more than makes up for it in scent. At first I thought it was Lavender but it turns out that the scents in the Blackberry Bath Bomb are Bergamot Oil, which is citrus and Frankincense oil which smells so relaxing.

This bath bomb also has a “Boom Boom” paper surprise in it and the bath tube turns a nice shade of violet. This one also made my skin feel super soft.

How the Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb is made!

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Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask Review

Yesterday I returned my Aqua Marina and picked up the Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask and boy do I love this one!

What’s to love?

This face mask is just plain fun and it works wonders on my skin. First off this one goes in the fridge and because it’s a fresh mask it expires in a few weeks so you’re going to want to use it fast.

I decided to use this one today because it’s 95 degrees and the humidity is out of control which means that my face is a greasy mess. I was thrilled to apply this super cold mask to my skin on this super hot day.

Even cold the mask is easy to apply. Just smear it on your face. The main ingredient is Rhassoul Mud which is great on oily skin, this ingredient is also in Dark Angels which I love.

The best part of this mask has got to be the smell. It truly smells just like chocolate and it lingers on your face after you wash it off which means that everyone is your friend.

After I use this mask my face feels tight and smooth but not dry which I love. You will however have to get this one at a Lush store because it’s fresh, you can’t order on online.

Want to know how Cupcake is made? Check this out….Yum!