Maybelline Dream Brightening Creamy Concealer Review

I wanted to add another concealer to my stash so I picked up the new Maybelline Dream Brightening Creamy Concealer in fair and I’m glad I did.


What’s to love?

When you’re over 40 (like me) concealer is your best friend and I’m always on the search for new ones.

The Maybelline Dream Brightening Creamy Concealer is right up my alley. I tend to migrate toward the drug store concealers because of price and quality. While concealer is necessary (kind of like ceiling paint) it’s not super sexy to me. I mean I’d rather spend more more on a nice palette than something that goes under my make-up!

Luckily Maybelline hit a home run for me with this product. It’s a nice creamy stick that’s not too hard or too soft and it blends really well, I just use my finger. It also has a nice luminous reflective quality that brightens my eyes up.

I love the scent too, it smells a bit like crayons. I haven’t had any creasing and I love that I can stash one of these in my purse. This one is a keeper!

Price: $7.99

Fill Your Beauty Bag For Under $50!

I wanted to see if I could fill a beauty bag for under $50 with everything I’d need for a complete look and I think I did pretty good! I used the prices from Ulta except for the ColourPop Lippie Stix and SinfulColors.

I wanted a bag that I could use for both a full face make-over and touch-ups. The concealers was a must-have for my dark circles and oily skin and I decided to included two shades of lip color for variety. I also like carrying nail polish just in case I want to do my nails on the go.

I’m pretty excited that I found 8 quality products for my bag! What would YOU include for under $50. Feel free to try this experiment.


Grand Total! $48.95  (this does not include tax).


Sneak Peak! My Favorite 3 Products from the Spring 2017 Maybelline Line.

I’m actually very excited to see the new Spring 2017 beauty lines starting to emerge. This means warm weather is coming in a few months. Today I perused the Maybelline Spring 2017 line and here’s a few things that I really want!

The Maybelline 24k Nudes eye shadow palette is top on my list. This 12 shade palette has some beautiful shimmery colors like gold, brown and beige which I can never get enough of! I love the Blushed Nudes so I’m sure this one will be a favorite too. Price: $11.99


The Colossal Big Shot Mascara. I love trying out new mascara and this one has wavy bristles for big lashes. I also love the packaging on this one. Price: $8.49


The Color Sensational Inti-Matte Nudes. These are 10 shades of beautiful nude lipsticks in matte. I’m super curious to try these out because they look creamy and not as dry as the liquid mattes. Price: $7.49

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte+Poreless Powder Review

Being over 40 I have a love/hate relationship with powder and I’m always trying out new ones. Today I tested out the Maybelline Fit Me! Matte+Poreless Powder in Translucent.


What’s to love?

The packaging of the Fit Me! is really useful. The square compact is easy to open and contains a flip-up mirror and foam applicator under the product which I really like.

The product itself is a super light matte powder that matched my skin perfectly. As you can see in the third photo you can barely see it on my skin.

I applied the powder to my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. I thought it worked great on my cheeks and nose. It also absorbed the oil on my chin and forehead, I think this would be great for touch-ups too. The key for me it to make sure it’s completely blended or it looks a little heavy (which most powder does).

I think it works best on me when I blend it with a little blush and I like that it’s buildable. I also blended it with my concealer for a great look.

Overall I think this is an excellent product.The product did last me all day and I will definitely keep this one in my collection. It’s Made in the USA and reasonably priced.

Price: $7.99

Check out the Maybelline Fit Me in my Target haul!

Also be sure to check out this great article which showcases more powers for dry skin: Balance Me Beautiful — Best Powder for Dry Skin

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment for Dark Circles Review

Happy December! I can’t believe there’s only 24 more days until Christmas. I hope to show off some great holiday finds this month but first let’s cover those dark circles!

When you’re over 40 covering dark circles is a must and being that I have fair skin I often look like part of the cast of The Walking Dead without a good under eye concealer. I just found the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment for Dark Circles and I’m in love with this formula!


What’s to love?

First, I am such a package geek and the Instant Age Eraser looks like something out of Star Wars. There is a clear hard plastic tube that holds the concealer and a half-round puff at the top to apply.


Now I have to say that it took me a few minutes to figure this out. You need to twist the red band (it will click) to get the product flowing out of the top.

I picked the Fair (110) shade and it matches my skin perfectly. I just used the stick like a marker under my eyes and blended a bit with my finger for the perfect coverage. I was thrilled with the results.


According to Maybelline the product is “infused with goji berry and collagen to tighten and improve skin elasticity.” and I have to say that my skin did feel tighter after application.

The product has very little scent and feels like a high-end brand to me. It’s Made In Canada.

I got my stick for $6.79 at Target which is a great price. My only concern with this product is that you probably have to replace it every month or so because of the fluffy tip which is fine because it’s not very expensive. Maybelline does state that it’s got an anti-microbial system to which is good.

Overall I am very happy with this stick and would purchase it again.

Also check out my Over 40 5-Minute Makeover Challenge on YouTube. I use the Maybelline Age Rewind as part of my routine.

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Review

I tried out the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush today and it’s an interesting product. I didn’t realize that it had the consistency for Play-Doh and now I can’t stop playing with it!


What’s to love?

When I first bought the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Hot Tamale I thought it was a powder, then when I opened the package I realized it was a cream…but it’s not really a cream it’s more like moldable clay and I like it!

The color of this blush is a nice hot pink  coral and it goes on pretty easily. I had to rub my finger across the product about 4 times to get enough to apply and it actually goes on like a thick cream and it is blendable. I found to pigmentation to be decent and I think this would be a great buildable blush product. The blush does have a luminous glow to it too.

It has no scent and is made in Canada. It comes in 10 shades including  Rose Petal, Candy Coral, Coffee Cake, Fresh Pink, Hot Tamale, Orchid Hush, Peach Satin, Pink Frosting, Pink Plum and Plum Wine.

This blush does live up to its name, it is bouncy. I just can’t decide if I want to play with it or wear it!

Price: $7.99

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Molten Palette in Taupe Craze Review

The Maybelline EyeStudio Color Molten Palette in Taupe Craze is an interesting product in that it’s a “dimensional cream shadow”, how cool is that? I love this soft colors in this eye duo.


What’s to love?

I’m really impressed with this Maybelline eyeshadow palette duo. On one side you get a creamy matte taupe  while the other side is a shimmery dark brown shade and while they are not super pigmented the colors blend into a beautiful look. I love these neutral colors for daytime or a casual work look.

I also love that this product has zero scent. No chemical smell at all and it’s Made in Canada. At $3.99 I’d like to pick up a few for my make-up bag as they are nice and small so they don’t take up much room.

On a side-note I did get my palette for 40%off at our local K-Mart  which is closing and I noticed that the this is a hard to find product. Ulta only has one color available online and it’s not on the Maybelline site at all so this could be a discontinued product.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review

I got the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara as part of a Ulta gift pack so I decided to test it out. It’s a nice mascara for $8.99.


What’s to love?

I love that Maybelline is creating wands that give special effects. This one creates a full fan effect that made my lashes pop, unfortunately I could to get the lighting right to take a good photo.

This black formula is not heavy at all which surprised me because it looks thick in the bottle and on the wand. I was able to get nice lash separation and length without looking clumpy.


The formula does have a bit a strong odor but nothing that bugged me too much. I’d also liked the staying power and ease of removal.

Overall I like this mascara as a daily-wear choice.

Check out the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in my Target Haul video.


Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara Review

Last week I picked up the new Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara and it’s a really neat product.


What’s to love?

This is a really unique mascara. The wand is curved and there are short bristols on only one side. My wand was black although the media and packaging shows a light purple wand. The wand is designed to give you a “wing” effect and it does work on the outer upper lashes. Essentially the curved wand adds more product to the outer layer of lashes giving the wing effect.

Because this is a volumizing mascara it delivers a lot of product to your lashes. I did find that you had to be careful with application. Too many layers created a goopy look so I had to remove it and start over. I also found it hard to apply on my bottom lashes. My recommendation would be to use a regular brush for lower lash application.

Overall I like this product as it delivers a unique look. I think this will be fun for dramatic party eyes or on Halloween.

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Contour & Highlight V-Shape Duo Stick Review

I’ve been wanting to try a contouring stick for awhile now but didn’t want to spend a lot of money so today I picked up the Maybelline FaceStudio Master Contour & Highlight V-Shape Duo Stick at Target and I had a $2.00 off coupon which was awesome.


What’s to love?

The cool thing for me about the Maybelline Master Contouring stick (aside from the price) is that it’s a chubby stick. You get a nice wide swath of both the dark and the light shades to work with in one easy to use product. I’m going to try to keep the point going as I use this because I’m thinking that if it goes flat it might be hard to use each color separately.

I’ve got the Deep Fonce 02 stick and the light side is perfect for my fair skin. The dark shade also works well along my jaw line when I blend the two colors together. This is my first attempt at contouring and I’m having fun with this stick. I do need more practice though!

The easy to use twist-up tube is a great design and the product itself does a great job with coverage on my skin. The cream is a smooth. light-weight semi-matte with no shimmer. It has zero scent and I find that it blends really well on my skin. I noticed that it has mixed reviews but I found it to be a great product for the price. So glad I found this one today!