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Michel Design Works Snowy Night Shea Butter Soap Bar Review (you’ll smell like a pine tree!)

Barnes & Noble carries Michel Design Works Shea Butter Soap and it’s simply amazing. I reviewed Merry & Bright a few weeks ago and wanted to share Snowy Night too.


What’s to love?

Snowy Night smells just like a fresh cut pine Christmas Tree. I can’t help but think about Clark Griswold chopping down that tree in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when I smell this soap but that’s just because I’m a Pop Culture fanatic.

Seriously this soap smells so good and it’s about the creamiest Shea Butter soap I have ever owned. This soap is perfect in a guest bathroom, kitchen or go ahead and take a shower with it. My skin feels amazing after using this soap and I literally smell like the Christmas Tree which intrigues my dog.

I also love giving these as gifts. The wax seal reminds me of something you’d find in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter so that’s a plus for me too.

Price: $8.95

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Michel Design Works Merry & Bright Shea Butter Soap Bar Review

Every year around Christmas Barnes & Noble carries Michel Design Works soap and I always grab a few of my favorites. Today I’m reviewing the Merry & Bright Shea Butter Soap Bar which is my moms favorite.


What’s to love?

The Michel Design Works Shea Butter Soap is Made in England and one of the creamiest soaps I have ever used and the scent is divine! Merry & Bright is part of their floral line and the scent is snow lily and white camellia. My mom swears she remembers this scent from Christmas in the 1950’s and I get her a bar every year.

I also love the packaging. The soap comes in a box that’s decorated like an old-fashioned Christmas with a bird on the front and gold accents. The round soap is wrapped in tissue paper.

Aside from smelling good this soap does wonders for my hands in the Winter and I always have one in the bathroom.

So if you’re looking for a quality Christmas soap you might want to take a trip to Barnes & Noble this year!

Price: $4.95