AHAVA Time To Clear Purifying Mud Mask Review

My face is a mess this week because of Thanksgiving pie and a cold that I just got over so I needed a good mask today! Luckily I got a sample of the AHAVA Time To Clear Purifying Mud Mask from Ulta and it did wonders for my skin.


What’s to love?

I am new to AHAVA and got an entire sample pack from Ulta and I’m super impressed with this line which is Paraben Free, SLS/SLES Free, Allergy Tested, Approved for Sensitive Skin, has No Animal Testing and no harsh synthetic ingredients.

I love mud masks and the AHAVA Time To Clear smells amazing. It’s got an earthy smell and fairly smooth texture with just a hint of grit. I apply the mud over my entire face and let it sit for 2 minutes. It gets more clear as it dries.

This mud produced no burning or irritation at all and it’s made with Dead Sea Mud which I’ve had good luck with in the past. It’s also got Horsetail extract and Jojoba oil in the formula.

After I removed the mask my face felt noticeably tighter, smoother and cleaner. I really love this mud and want to try more AHAVA products.

Price: $33

Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask Review

Yesterday I returned my Aqua Marina and picked up the Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask and boy do I love this one!

What’s to love?

This face mask is just plain fun and it works wonders on my skin. First off this one goes in the fridge and because it’s a fresh mask it expires in a few weeks so you’re going to want to use it fast.

I decided to use this one today because it’s 95 degrees and the humidity is out of control which means that my face is a greasy mess. I was thrilled to apply this super cold mask to my skin on this super hot day.

Even cold the mask is easy to apply. Just smear it on your face. The main ingredient is Rhassoul Mud which is great on oily skin, this ingredient is also in Dark Angels which I love.

The best part of this mask has got to be the smell. It truly smells just like chocolate and it lingers on your face after you wash it off which means that everyone is your friend.

After I use this mask my face feels tight and smooth but not dry which I love. You will however have to get this one at a Lush store because it’s fresh, you can’t order on online.

Want to know how Cupcake is made? Check this out….Yum!