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Nail Polish Q & A Time!

Today I just got a brand new nail polish stand from Amazon and organized my polish collection.

I learned 2 things today 1) Organizing makes me really happy. 2) I clearly need more nail polish to fill my new organizer!


So let’s go. Nail Polish Q & A time.

How many bottles of nail polish do you own?

38 (although I may have a few more hidden around the house).

What’s your favorite shade of nail polish?

I prefer pinks, reds and corals.

What’s your LEAST favorite shade of nail polish?

Black or green, except maybe on Halloween.

What’s are your favorite brands of nail polish?

I just discovered Essie and am in love with their line. I also like OPI, Zoya and Orly.

Home or Salon?

Definitely home. I don’t like people working on my nails and I hate acrylic nails.

To glitter or not to glitter?

I love the idea of a little glitter but it’s so hard to remove I rarely use it.

What do you use to organize your polish?

I was using a basket but I just got the Home-it Nail Polish Holder Acrylic 5 Step Counter Display that Holds Up 60 Bottles.

Dream nails! If you could create one design what would it be?

Harry Potter nail art! Maybe I’ll attempt this for Halloween.

Feel free to use these questions and do your own Nail Polish Q & A.