Bath & Body Works NEW Tiare Monoi Body Oil Review

The NEW Bath & Body Work Tiare Monoi Body Oil is so shimmery and pretty and it’s also one of my favorites in the new Spring collection.

What’s to love?

The gold shimmery Tiare Monoi Body Oil smells like Summer. It has Tiare Flowers, Gardenia Water, Coconut Oil, Ocean Breeze & Solar Musks.

From Bath & Body Works…

Tiare monoi oil, made from Tahitian gardenia blossoms steeped in coconut oil, has been a beloved skin-conditioning secret throughout Polynesian history. Our illuminating Tiare Monoi Body Oil leaves skin feeling soft and beautiful with a long-lasting, subtle sheen.

The oil itself is very smooth and not greasy. Once I get it rubbed it my skin feels moisturized and so smooth. The shimmer just gives my skin a nice glow but  it’s rubbed it not glittery — it gives my skin a beautiful sheen!

I also like using a tiny, tiny bit on my hair for extra shine and the coconut scent.

Check out the Bath & Body Works Tiare Monoi Body Oil in my Tropical video haul!

Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil Review

I got a full-sized bottle of Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil in my Summer 2016 Beautycon box and just got around to trying it.


What’s to love?

I’m always on the look-out for new and improved ways to remove my make-up so I was curious to try the Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil.

This one smells really good, just like fruit which is nice. I pumped out a few squirts on a cotton make-up pad and went to work. The cleansing oil does an amazing job at removing make-up fast. The main ingredient is mineral oil and I’m assuming that’s what breaks up the make-up. Now the instructions say to work into your face with your fingers so I tried that too. Afterwards I rinsed with water.

After removing my make-up I still had a very light oily feeling. However I think if my skin was dryer the oily feeling would actually be a great benefit. So I think this is a quality product, it’s just not for me.

What I didn’t like.

For me personally I like an astringent type of remover. I’m glad I got this for free because now I know I’m not a fan of an oil remover. For me the oil feels way too heavy on my already oily skin and I just couldn’t kick that greasy feeling. I was also hesitant to use this on my eyes which is weird because I do use astringent based prodcuts to remove mascara without a problem.

Price: $8.99