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Bath & Body Works NEW Snowy Citrus Swirl Review

The new Bath & Body Works Snowy Citrus Swirl is part of the Christmas 2019 collection and it’s amazing! The notes are chilled tangerine, whipped marshmallow, creamy tonka bean & fresh vanilla.

I love this scent because it’s so fresh and clean. It reminds me of the oranges people used to put in Christmas stockings. It’s also perfect for both men and women and it a great morning “wake-up” fragrance.

Be sure to check out my review of the Bath & Body Works Snowy Citrus Swirl on YouTube too!

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Lush Here Comes The Sun Naked Body Cream Review

The Lush Here Comes The Sun Naked Body Cream is part of the newer Lush Naked Collection which means there’s no packaging and it’s also part of the Lush Easter 2018 Collection.

l.jpgHere Comes The Sun  is not a body conditioner but a body cream which means that it has a much thicker consistency that does feel like a cream. The cream is actually a pretty dark orange but it didn’t stain my skin.

Here Comes The Sun has St. John’s Wort Infusion, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Organic Avocado Oil, Mandarin Oil, Tangerine Oil, Bergamot Oil and Fresh Orange Juice. The scent is straight up citrus and you can really smell the orange. I love the fresh scent.

My skin did feel very conditioned after I use Here Comes The Sun and it smoothed a few of the dry spots on my Winter hands.

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Lush Rosebud Soap – Mother’s Day 2018

If you love roses then you are going to flip for the Lush Mother’s Day 2018 Rosebud Soap. I ordered this one from the UK and not only is it pretty but it smells amazing.

What’s to love?

The Lush Rosebud Soap has white rose petals, ylang ylang oil and orange which gives it a unique floral/fruity scent. It also has extra virgin olive oil that I love to keep my skin soft.

However, what’s so cool about this soap is that it’s part of the new 3D printed designs collection and it really does look like a work of art. The collection also includes Lemon ZestChamomile Lawn and Purple Loosestrife. The 3D design not only looks pretty but it also feels good on my skin.

You can see the Lush Rosebud Soap in my YouTube Lush Mother’s Day Haul video!


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Julep Elsie Wonder Maven Holographic Jelly Review

I absolutely love the Julep Holographic shades and Elsie is my late Summer favorite. Elsie is a Strawberry Popsicle Holographic Jelly.


What’s to love?

This color is just magic! It’s got a red orange base with flecks of gold and purple which gives it the holographic effect.

I love how easy it is to apply and it dries with a very shiny finish. I also love that Julep nail polishes tend to last a little longer than most. I am wearing two coats in this photo.

It’s also a 5-free, vegan-friendly formula.

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Lush Sexy Peel Soap Review

I can never resist trying out new Lush soap so I picked up the Lush Sexy Peel Soap during my latest haul and boy is it nice! A fresh citrus delight.


What’s to love?

Sexy Peel is all about oranges! I seriously love all products that smell like oranges and this one is very nice too. This soap also has Coconut Oil and the juice, oil and peel of orange and lemon. It also has lime juice and oil in it. So this is a lot of delicious citrus!

The citrus peel does an amazing job with exfoliation and I love using this one on my face and body. It’s extremely fresh and leaves my skin tight and smooth. It also does a great job with oil control.

Overall I am loving Sexy Peel and the name is cute too.

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Lush Mother’s Day 2017 Sunrise Soap Review

I just got the Lush Mother’s Day 2017 Sunrise Soap and I absolutely love it! It smells amazing.

What’s to love?

The Lush Sunrise Soap is shaped like the Igloo one from last Christmas and it has dove orchid, organic silken tofu, sweet syrupy coconut blossom nectar and a floral marigold infusion which makes for a wonderful citrusy scent.

This is also so luxurious and smooth. It also feels a bit softer than most Lush glycerine soaps but that might just be mine. They lather on this one is great and my hands felt amazing after using it.

I might just pick another one of these up if I make it back to the Lush store.

You can also see this soap in my Lush Mother’s Day Haul video!

Price: $5.95

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Clinique Pop Glaze Lipstick Review

Last week I went to the Clinique counter at Dillard’s so that I could get the Clinique Gift With Purchase. In order to get the gift I picked up the Clinique Pop Glaze Lipstick in Fireball Pop for my mom but I ended up stealing it back!

What’s to love?

I really like the square tube on the Color Pop line. The base is a colored transparent plastic and the top is silver with the Clinique logo.

The Clinique Pop Glaze Lipstick comes in 6 shades including Licorice Pop (dark violet), Bubble Gum Pop (medium pink), Sugar Plum Pop (medium violet), Melon Drop Pop (light red/coral) and Sprinkle Pop (dark pink). Second on my wish list is the Sugar Plum Pop.

My mom chose the Fireball Pop which is a darker coral/red but once she got it home the finish didn’t work on her lips. I think the reason was because this is a satin glaze finish which can look a bit transparent and it’s hard to get a good fill on older lips (my mom is 72), she does better with creams.

As you can see below I got fairly nice coverage (I’m 47). This lipstick is definitely transparent (glaze describes it well) but it is very pretty. It’s no where near the pigmentation you get with a cream. Pop Glaze does feel very moisturizing without being sticky and I loved the weightlessness. It does have a built-in primer.

Clinique says that this is an 8 hour wear lipstick but I only got about 4-5 hours. I rarely ever get 8 hours out of any lip product that’s not a matte. I had to reapply after lunch.

Overall I do like this lipstick and I would purchase it in another shade.

Price: $18.50

My March 2017 Dillard’s Clinique Gift With Purchase Unbagging video too!

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Lush Satsuma Bath Bomb Review

One of the products that Lush included in the Boxing Day Sale was the Satsuma Bath Bomb. I am really hoping that they bring this orange delight back for Summer! I’m so glad I stocked up on a bunch of these while they were available.


What’s to love?

If you love oranges I hope you stocked up on Satsuma! I love the story behind this one too. Remember when people would put oranges in Christmas stockings? Well this is a new twist on an old tradition which I think is so cute.

I do hope that Lush brings back Satsuma for Summer. This bath bomb is pure luscious orange and it smells just like freshly squeezed orange juice. As a citrus lover this is one of my favorite bath bombs. The color of Satsuma is orange with a yellow center (see photo above) and it turns the bath a most amazing shade of orange.

My skin also felt very soft and smooth after using Satsuma and it didn’t stain my bathtub which is always a plus!

One bath bomb tip too! Sometimes I cut a piece of bath bomb up using a butter knife. This is a great way to save a bit of money. I find that using half or a quarter piece works perfectly for a quick bath.


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Lush The Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar Review

Yes, I know it’s not yet Halloween but The Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar star smells just like Christmas!


What’s to love?

I picked up a few of these Lush wands as stocking stuffers this year because they remind me of an old fashioned Christmas in both smell and style. The mixture or orange, almond and cinnamon is so amazing. I also love the star design with the cinnamon stick “wand” with the red bow and bell. Very Harry Potter like!

You run the star wand under a stream of water to get bubbles and fragrance. The water also turns a cool shade of glittery orange. I found the bubbles to be good and get 2-3 uses out of these Reusable Bubble Bars. I suppose you could cut this one up but I prefer to run it under water for the effect.

I also love using these as a fragrant bathroom decor. Everyone compliments me on how they look and smell. Bottom line is that I love everything about these sticks!



SinfulColors Guise and Ghouls Halloween Review

I was at Walgreens today and there was a SinfulColors Guise and Ghouls display for Halloween and the colors are gorgeous and come with a great price at $1.99 each. I picked up the Courtney Orange shade which is a mix of bright pumpkin orange and gold shimmer.

What’s to love?

I love that the SinfulColors Guise and Ghouls line has so many amazing Halloween colors. I think they did a great job with a nice variety of orange, black and purple although I’d like to see a nice matte monster green.

The glitter colors look great too and I’ll be getting a few more of those before Halloween. I found the polish to be nice and smooth with zero streaking. I did need two color for good coverage and I did ding my thumb nail before it was dry but I was easily able to fix it.

The line is also Toluene, Formaldehyde & DBP Free and it’s Made in the USA which you know I love.

The collection includes...I want to get Nice Guise, Hazel Moon and Got A Bat Attitude. Which one do you love?

Cloak and Dagger – Deep burgundy with a tombstone texture.

Play Dead – Rose gold and bronze metallic.

Nice Guise – Shimmering green and gold iridescent shade.

Déjà Boo – Ghost-shaped glitter topper in a black glowing base before!

Hazel Moon – Moon-shaped glitter topper in a blue glowing base.

Got A Bat Attitude – Bat-shaped glitter in a glow in a dark base.

Dead On – Glitter in a purple glowing base with black microglitter.

Glow in the Dark – I love this glow in the dark look to be seen on Halloween.

Clear Coat – Clear nail polish.

Let’s Talk – Dark Violet Shimmering Purple.

Courtney Orange – The deepest shimmer orange.

Black  on Black – Dark as Night Cream Black.

Where Oh Werewolf – Tombstone slate grey to the grave.