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Lush Brazilliant Shampoo Bar Review

The Lush Brazilliant Shampoo Bar tames my wild hair and leaves it shiny.


What’s to love?

I have crazy, wild thick hair. I make Hermione Granger’s hair look tame so I need to be careful which shampoo I choose otherwise I’ll end up looking like I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet. Not only is my hair thick it also gets frizzy so humidity is my worst hair enemy.

Luckily I found Brazilliant which is about the orangiest (not sure if that’s a word) shampoos I have ever used but my gosh it works. Brazilliant is pure orange in color and smell and it creates huge lather that rinses totally clean.

After using Brazilliant my hair is noticeably shinier and tamer. I use Brazilliant about 4 days a week and mix it up with other Lush Shampoo Bars for variety.

Brazilliant also has andiroba oil which is supposed to strengthen hair which I think is true because my hair condition has improved so much since using Brazilliant.

Also check out my Lush Brazilliant review and demo on YouTube!


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Lush Brightside Bubble Bar Review

The Lush Brightside Bubble Bar is the orange citrusy sister of The Comforter and just as nice! This orange is a beautiful color to set out for Halloween too. If I won the lottery my house would be filled with Bubble Bars!


What’s to love?

Brightside is a huge 7 oz. bubble bar that lasts us for about 10 baths. I use a butter knife to cut of a piece for bath time. A small chunk makes loads of bubbles.

If you love citrus like me than you’re going to go bonkers for Brightside. It’s a mix of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oil with a little Gardenia Extract. I just run a piece under the water to start getting bubbles. The water will turn faint orange color with a mild citrusy fragrance. Both me and my daughter love this bar and our skin feels amazing after a bath.

How Brightside is made!

Price: $11.95

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Lush New Lava Lamp Bath Bomb Review

I am declaring this “Bath Bomb Sunday”. I was going to save this one for another day but my daughter was so excited to try it out we decided to test it out.

I am so glad I did. Lava Lamp is my absolute new favorite bath bomb and I seriously want to hoard these like crazy. Right now you can only get them the web but I’ve heard they are coming to Lush stores soon.


So what’s so HOT about the Lush Lava Lamp Bath Bomb? Here’s the scoop!

First up I was a bit worried when it arrived in the mail. It didn’t look at all like the photo on Lush. Mine was a bit odd looking and messy (see 1st photo), but never fear, this sucker is awesome.

The Scent…I am completely bonkers over the scent of this bath bomb. It’s a wonderful citrus smell that reminds me of a what I think an expensive European Spa would smell like. It’s got orange and tangerine which apparently mesh really well together. The scent is not in the least bit over-powering.

The Spots…At first I was completely confused about the purple “Lava” spots. They are in fact Cocoa Butter that melts in the tub to look like lava! Coolest effect ever in a bath bomb.

The Smoothness…We tested this out with a foot bath and now our feet smell amazing and feel like butter! I seriously can’t wait to try this in the bathtub. My feet have never looked better.

Overall I am thrilled with this bath bomb and plan to get a few more. If you love the Dragon Egg you are going to flip over Lava Lamp.