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De Bruyère Beayte After Sun Lotion Monoï Review

Oooo La La! I got the De Bruyère Beayte After Sun Lotion Monoï in my July Glossybox and it’s so nice!


What’s to love?

This cream has  Monï ( Tiaré flower in coconut oil) of French Polynesia and it smells amazing! It has a light floral scent mixed with coconut. I’ve been using it all week and it’s not only great for after sun care but also as a moisture cream. My hands are so soft after using it.

It’s also unique because it’s Made In France which just adds to the mystique. It feels kind of luxurious to use a French cream!

De Bruyère Paris is a 100% beauty french touch with unique target to make girls happy, pretty and easily, everywhere anytime.

You can see my video unboxing of the July 2017 Glossybox below!

Pop Culture

Who are Eagles of Death Metal?

In the early reports of terrorism at the Bataclan in Paris I wondered who was playing when tragedy hit. It turns out Eagles of Death Metal were on stage and despite their name they are not a death meal band.

“In fact, the group, from Palm Desert, Calif., mixes driving blues-rock of 1970s vintage with a heavy dose of humor. For fans of Eagles of Death Metal, the band’s name is part of its irreverent charm”. -The New York Times

You can read more about the band in The New York Times. Thankfully no one in the band was hurt or killed physically but I am sure the psychological wounds will run deep.

Thinking about everyone in Paris and the world today.