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The NEW Bath & Body Works COCONUT Collection is landing!

The brand new Bath & Body Works Coconut collection for Spring 2020 is amazing. The collection consists of: Coconut Pineapple, Coconut Hibiscus and Coconut Palm and WOW is it fresh. I feel like this is the collection I have been waiting for in 2020.

So far the collection comes in the Ultra Shea Body Cream, Shower Gel and Fine Fragrance Mist.

I am absolutely crazy about the new Coconut Pineapple scent! It’s fresh and smells just like pineapple with a hint of coconut and it’s got Coconut Oil in the formula!

You can check out my first impression of the Bath & Body Works Coconut Collection on YouTube!

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Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes Review

This past year I decided to give up traditional deodorant because of the chemicals but I still wanted to smell good! I had a bunch of fails until I found the Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes.

These sweet smelling wipes come in 5 scents including:

Coconut & Gardenia Underarm Deodorant Wipes
Coconut Milk & Pineapple Underarm Deodorant Wipes
Coconut Milk & Essential Oils Underarm Deodorant Wipes
Coconut Milk & Kale Extract Underarm Deodorant Wipes
Coconut Milk & Sugared Flowers Underarm Deodorant Wipes
I have the Coconut Milk & Pineapple ones.



What’s to love?

These wipes are so refreshing! They smell amazing and don’t irritate my skin. I feel like they are a good substitute for deodorant although they are not an anti-perspirant.

The wipes are about 6″ x 4″ and a nice thickness (not to thick or too thin). I also like using them on the back of my neck instead of perfume.

I would like to try a few of the other scents too.

They are…

  • 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free
  • Formulated without SLS, sulfates, parabens and petroleum.

You can see the Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes in my Ulta Haul for St. Patrick’s Day!

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Bath & Body Works Halloween 2017

Halloween is an exciting time at Bath & Body Works and the products are starting to show up in anticipation for October 31st! I absolutely love the pumpkin scents and the Halloween designs are always so cute.

Bath & Body Works Halloween 2017

As new Bath & Body Works Halloween 2017 products release I’ll be posting them right here!


Bath & Body Works Halloween Foaming Hand Soap

I am thrilled with the Bath & Body Works Halloween Foaming Hand Soaps this year.


I got my hands on 4 of the 6 Halloween scents. This year they have:

Bath & Body Works Halloween PocketBac Sanitizers

This year the Halloween PocketBac’s comes in 5 scents:

  • Vampire Blood – Wicked Plum
  • Purrfect Pumpkin – Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
  • Spooktacular – Fearsome Fresh
  • Better Have My Candy – Frightfully Fruity
  • Hey Ghoul Friend – Scary Berry

I think my favorites are Vampire Blood and Purrfect Pumpkin.


They also have a Ghouls Night Out Halloween PocketBac set that includes 3 Hey, Ghoul Friend, 3 Vampire Blood, 3 Purrfect Pumpkin, 3 Spooktacular, 3 Better Have My Candy. These would be perfect to hand out at a Halloween party! Price: $19.50

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 11.47.59 AM.png

Image Credit: Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works Halloween Bath Fizzes

I picked up 2 of the Bath & Body Works Fizzes. Creep It Real which is a blend of Japanese cherry blossoms, crisp pears, mimosa petals & sweet sandalwood. I melted this one in my creepy spider jar! I also got Sugar Rush which is Juicy Orange, Fresh Lemon, Pink Pepper & Hazelnut. They also have a Something Wicked Fizzy Gift Set that includes Sugar Rush, Creep It Real and Vampire Kiss.


Halloween Wicked Apple Shimmer Fizz Body Lotion

This Shimmer Fizz Body Lotion is amazing! It pops and crackles too.

Bath & Body Works Halloween Concentrated Room Spray

I picked up 2 of the Concentrated Rooms Sprays today. They smell amazing and come in these scents:

  • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin – Harvest Pumpkin, Spiced Clove, Vanilla Cream
  • Pumpkin Cupcake – Sprinkled Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Vanilla Cupcake
  • Leaves – Red Apples, Mulled Cider, Spiced Cider
  • Autumn – Crisp Apples, Ripe Fig, Eucalyptus
  • Cranberry Woods – Tart Cranberries, Fresh Cedar, Warm Amber
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles – Pumpkin Waffle Batter, Powered Sugar, Pure Maple Syrup


Bath & Body Works Halloween Car Scentportables

They are starting to stock the store with Halloween Car Scentportables including this Sugar Skull! They also have a Black Velvet Cat.

The Car Scentportables Halloween scents are:

  • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin – Harvest Pumpkin, Spiced Clove, Vanilla Cream
  • Leaves – Red Apples, Mulled Cider, Spiced Cider
  • Pumpkin Cupcake – Whipped Buttercream, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla Cupcake
  • Pumpkin Apple – Red Delicious Apple, Fall Pumpkin, Fresh Ground Cinnamon, Clove Bud

Bath & Body Works Halloween Hand Cream

I also picked up the Pumpkin Butter Hand Cream which smells amazing! The Hand Creams are $4 each


They also have the Hand Cream in…

  • Vampire Blood – A scary-good blend of blood-red berries, night-blooming jasmine & devilishly dark plum.
  • Not Your Boo  – A spooky blend of ghostly coconut & petrifying palm.
  • Hey, Ghoul Friend – A ghastly blend of dark strawberries, ghostly peonies & spine-chilling citrus.

Image Credit: Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Butter Hand Soap

I am loving these Pumpkin Butter Hand Soaps and if you’re looking for some classy Halloween soaps these are so pretty.


The 5 scents for the Pumpkin Butter Hand soaps are:

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin – pumpkin, cinnamon & sugarcane.

Spiced Apple Bourbon – juicy apple, cinnamon & a touch of bourbon.

White Pumpkin Peppercorn – creamy coconut, vanilla bean & white peppercorn.

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte – creamy pumpkin, toasted marshmallow & warm praline.

Sparkling Cranberry Cider – fresh cranberries, chilled cider & apricot nectar.

Also check out my Bath & Body Works Fall, Halloween & Aromatherapy Haul  on YouTube!

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da Bomb Bath Fizzers Review & Demo

One of my YouTube Subscribers told me that there were some cool bath bombs at Hot Topic so I decided to check them out and I’m so glad I did. The da Bomb Bath Fizzers are amazing and have a great story. I created a video review and demo too so that you can see a da Bomb Bath Fizzer melt and the prize inside.


What’s to love?

First off this company is so cool. It was started in 2012 by two sisters who were 10 and 11 at the time. They wanted a Bath Bomb with a surprise inside and since none existed they created their own.

The Bath Bombs are so nice too. They come in a bunch of colors and scents. I got Party Bomb (Pineapple), Candy Bomb (Cotton Candy) and Earth Bomb (Sea Breeze).

They also come in Beach Bomb (Mango), Galaxy Bomb (Black Amber), Cherry Bomb (Cherry), Ninja Bomb (Tangerine), Bug Bomb (Eucalyptus), Bling Bomb (Blueberry), “F” Bomb (Lavender),  Cake Bomb (Butter Cream), Treasure Bomb, Sporty Bomb, Quote Bomb (Fresh Basil), Fortune Telling Bomb (Fresh Berry), Hero Bomb (Grape), Love Bomb (Gardenia) and Groovy Bomb (Flower Power).

The bath bomb itself is a tightly compacted round ball with toppings like sprinkles and sugar. They have great fizz when they melt and the smell is amazing. I tried out the Party Bomb Pineapple and it smells very natural and soft. The water turned a light yellow and didn’t stain but like any bath bomb the tub gets a bit slippery.

The cool part of these bath bombs is that there’s a collectable prize inside. You can see what I got in my video.

The da Bomb Bath Fizzers are also Made in the USA and have a very short ingredient list which I love including: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, food grade PEG, fragrance. They also may contain sugar topping, cosmetic grade pigment and/or mica.

I feel like tweens and teens would love these bath bombs and they would make a great gift.

Check out my da Bomb Bath Fizzers Review and Demo and see what my prize was!

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Bath & Body Works New Paradise Coconut Oil Foaming Hand Soap Review

Oh Bath & Body Works, you do this to me every time. I walked into the store to get the Oahu Coconut Sunset collection and I end up filling up my bag. Yesterday they had a wall of the Paradise Coconut Oil Foaming Hand Soap that really got my attention and I had coupons. I LOVE theBath & Body Works foaming hand soap so much and now there’s a new line with Coconut Oil and it’s amazing.


What’s to love?

Every sink in our house has the Bath & Body Works foaming hand soap. It smells amazing and does wonders on my hands as it has Aloe, Vitamin E and now Coconut Oil. I also prefer the foaming variety because it washes clean with no goopy residue. This is great for kids.

This new Coconut Oil set comes in 6 scents:

Miami Mint Mojito – This one is green and has a lime on the front. I think this is my favorite scent of the 6. I has fresh lime, juicy pear and green mint leaf.

Maui Mango Mai Tai – This one is my favorite design. It’s orange with a bird on the front and I love birds. It Mango nectar, sun-kissed grapefruit and sugarcane and while I don’t normally love mango the scents make this one so nice.

Bali Coconut Cove – This one is blue with a coconut on the front. It has fresh coconut, passion flower and coral berry. This one smells very coco-nutty to me!

Jamaica Pineapple Colada – Pineapple is one of my new favorite scents. This one is yellow and has juicy mandarin, green pineapple and vanilla milk. It’s very light and pretty.

Bermuda Plumeria Surprise – This one is pink and the most floral of the group. It’s got pink dragonfruit, orchid and plumeria.

Fuji White Sands – This is the only one I didn’t get. It’s clear and has white sand, vanilla orchid and warm amber. I did smell it and it’s very soft and beachy.

Overall I think this is my new favorite scent collection since Christmas. Also don’t forget to use your Bath & Body Works coupons with the sales for a bigger discount.

I reveal all of the Coconut Oil soaps in my video!