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LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Palette Is In Stores Now! First Impression.

The LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Palette is now at Ulta and Kohl’s! I actually stopped by Kohl’s today for something else and was surprised to see it there. Kohl’s only had the palette and not the lipstick or blush but there was a spot on the display for those products so they may be getting them in. I am also wondering if you can use your Kohl’s percent discount on this palette, that might sway me to pick this one up.

UPDATE: I just picked up the Cheek Palette at Ulta…here’s my review… LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Palette Cheek Palette & Lip Duo Review.

While I didn’t buy Pirates of the Caribbean today I did play around with the display.  The packaging is beautiful with a black, gold and starry theme. The shades are pretty and pigmented but I felt like there were too many neutrals and nudes for me to spend the $52.

I have a lot of these shades already and I was kind of disappointed that there were no purple shades. I mean don’t pirates where purple! I also would have like to see a brilliant gold. The shades I loved the most were: Starry Night, Treasure and Menace.

Overall I love the branding and the packaging and I might just pick it up if it goes on sale because I love Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here’s what you get in the palette.

Row 1:


  • Ghostly (white shimmer)
  • Starry Night (light cobalt blue shimmer)
  • Compass (true gold shimmer)
  • Arrrgh! (brown shimmer)
  • Black Pearl (iridescent blue-green shimmer)
  • YoHo (silver champagne shimmer)

Row 2:


  • Bones (sand matte)
  • Silvermist (silver chrome shimmer)
  • Treasure (ruby red shimmer)
  • Tell No Tales (burgundy mauve matte)
  • Shiver Me (blush pearl shimmer)
  • Cursed (black gold shimmer)

Row 3:


  • Matte-y (ivory matte)
  • Lost At Sea (silver blue shimmer)
  • Pirates Chest (caramel matte)
  • Sea Haze (golden sage shimmer)
  • Menace (deep forest green matte)
  • Silent Mary (grey plum matte)