Avon Odyssey Cologne Review

Get in the way back machine with Avon Odyssey Cologne! This scent take the senses on a journey of rich dreams as you get wrapped in the warm embrace.

Odyssey is one of my favorite Classic Avon scents as it’s warm and dreamy with scent notes that include:

• Top: Tuberose
• Middle: Ylang-ylang
• Bottom: Warm oakmoss

I remember wearing this scent in junior high and it’s just as nice today!

The glass bottle has a beautiful purple design that looks awesome on my dresser! It’s 1.7 fl. oz. and comes in a nice light purple box that would make a perfect gift.

Check out my full Avon Odyssey Perfume review on YouTube!

My name is Bonnie and I’m an Avon Rep & Leader! You can order from my online store at: http://www.youravon.com/bonnied Shipping is free on $60+

Avon Is More Fun With Friends — Near & Far (Meet My BFF Robin)!

I meet Robin 15 years ago when we both worked for an online lifestyle magazine and we’ve been best friends ever since!

She’s in the South near the ocean, I’m in the North by the lake and even though we’ve never met in person we talk weekly and share family stories, daily gossip and news about the world which of course has been rather traumatic lately!

We also thrive on working together! Over the years we’ve created some pretty neat projects including Retro Invites! We’re both super nostalgic about the 70’s and 80’s — David Bowie and Duran Duran were on the turntable in our teens and we both had huge hair! So it made complete sense to start a site about everything retro!

Our next adventure is Avon! I started as an Avon rep last year. Being a beauty blogger/vlogger I was always trying new make-up and skin care and while Bath & Body Works and Lush remain favorites I’ve also fallen in love with everything Avon – my hair has never looked better with the AVON Advance Techniques Shampoo & Conditioner


We’re both on nostalgia overload! I remember the Avon catalogs from when I was a kid and just the other day Robin and I started talking about how Avon is like Mac & Cheese – comfort food (beauty) for the soul because let’s face it, we all need a pandemic brain break now and then! Avon is that happy place for us! Instead of talking about world events we’re immersed Cozy Vanilla & Coconut body lotion and bright purple nail polish and it feels good!

So this week Robin joined my Avon team and she started a new lifestyle blog called Sugar Spice and Thirty Twice Finally Time For Self Care: Body, Mind, and Soul so please to check it our and subscribe – she’s a brilliant writer and I know you’ll love what she has to share.

Avon Ladies Unite! So now that she’s on my Avon team we’re talking more about the things we love, planning, laughing and having a whole lot of fun. We’re both be sharing reviews and new products on our blogs and we’re really having fun!

If you’re interested in joining us I run Avon Team Luminosity on Facebook (yes, I’m a Harry Potter fan) You can sign up to become an Avon Rep online for FREE! Get a discount on products for yourself, friends and family! Join my team at: http://go.youravon.com/3kct2r

I also highly recommend joining with a BFF for support and camaraderie because Avon really is more fun with friends!

We’re both on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bonniedkzavonrep/ and https://www.facebook.com/robinsavonrep/ follow one or both, we’re not in competition as she’s on my team (feel free to shop Robin’s Avon estore here) — we support each other and can’t wait to meet you!

BFF’s are the BEST!

Going Retro With Pretty Vulgar (my thoughts about this new “birdy” line)

I’ve acquired a lot of products from the Pretty Vulgar cosmetic line through my beauty boxes like Boxycharm and I wanted to share my thoughts. This fairly new company has an entire line of product that revolves around a retro vintage bird theme (their mascara even has a bird on top) and they are super cute products. They are also cruelty free, fragrance free, gluten free, paraben free and sulfate free.

I have the…

  • Make Them Blush blush in the shade Hush Blush $26
  • The Ink Gel Eyeliner $24
  • Nightingale Palette $35
  • Bronze Mannikin Bronzer $32


I love the retro looks of these products and the quality is pretty good. I wear the blush often and the eyeshadow palette is super pigmented and pretty. I love the bronze Clutch shade below and that bird cage design is awesome!

I’d say my only issue is their price point. $32 for the Bronze Mannikin Bronzer is really high and the case isn’t super impressive. I would not have gotten this one outside of Boxycharm. Their lipsticks are pretty too but at $24 a pop that’s higher than MAC.

So while I love this line it’s a bit too pricey for me. My hope is that once they get more established their prices come down a bit.


I love the NEW OPI Grease Nail Lacquer!

I was so excited to find the OPI Grease Nail Lacquer Mini 4-Pack! I was a huge fan of Grease in the 70’s and I love the shades names and colors.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 4.56.07 PM.png

The Grease Nail Lacquer Mini 4-Pack includes: 

  • Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes
  • Mini Was It All Just a Dream?
  • Pink Ladies Rule the School
  • You’re the Shade That I Want

I am wearing Pink Ladies Rule the School.

They also have a set called Grease Infinite Shine Mini 4-Pack with:

  • Chills are Multiplying
  • Frenchie Likes To Kiss?
  • Mini Infinite Shine ProStay Primer
  • Mini Infinite Shine ProStay Gloss

The Grease Nail Lacquer Collection also includes full-sized bottles in:

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes (creamy white)

Chills Are Multiplying! (icy blue)

Frenchie Likes To Kiss? (lavender)

Pink Ladies Rule the School (candy pink)

Hopelessly Devoted to OPI (light peach)

You’re the Shade That I Want (hot magenta)

Meet a Boy Cute As Can Be (buttercup yellow)

Summer Lovin’ Having a Blast! (bright peach)

Was It All Just a Dream? (turquoise blue)

Teal Me More, Teal Me More (deep teal)

Tell Me About It Stud (vibrant red)

Danny & Sandy 4 Ever! (deep blue shimmer)

Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette Review

I really love the small Too Faced palettes in the tins. I have the Peanut Butter & Honey palette and the Country Palette and I really like both of them so when I saw that the Cat Eyes palette from 2014 was on sale for $18 from Too Faced I snatched it up!


What’t to love?

I love the retro 60’s/80’s vibe of the Cat Eyes palette. The colors are just gorgeous and the 3 dark shades can be worn wet or dry.


From left to right you get: Tiger’s Eye (shimmer), Pussy Cat (shimmer) Kitty Glitter (this one is a light blue with white glitter), Leopard (glitter), Jungle Love (glitter) and Panther which is a matte black.

You also get 3 highlighter shade (I did not swatch these as they are so light) in Purr (shimmer), Meow (matte) and Kitten which is a pink shimmer shade.

I found these shades to be very pigmented and dark. They also blended so well. My favorite shades are the brown Tiger’s Eye and the purple Jungle Love. I do wish they had the classic chocolate Too Faced scent. I really prefer the food scented palettes, this one has no scent.

Overall I am thrilled with the colors and quality I got. I really like collecting these small Too Faced tins, the packaging is adorable with the leopard print with black, gold and pink.


Bath & Body Works Flashback Fragrances Review

It’s Flashback Friday and I bring to you the 80’s and 90’s! Que up some Culture Cub please.

I made a little trip to Bath & Body Works yesterday and picked up some retro foaming hand soap. I got Vanilla Berry Sorbet, Wild Honeysuckle and Sun-Ripened Raspberry.


What I love about the Bath & Body Works Flashback collection.

I think it was really smart of B&BW to bring back scents that make people feel good. If you used Cucumber Melon lotion in high school that scent is going to remind you of good times and they are on sale for 70% off which is dangerous if your a B&BW addict. It’s soooooo easy to load up on these products which is why most of my friends and relative get them for Christmas and birthday.

So if you’re looking for some retro fun this weekend head on over to B&BW Freesia Fragrance Mist and party like it’s 1998.

What’s your favorite Flashback scent?

I miss my Atari 2600

My daughter loves the new Jurassic World WiiU game and can kick some serious dino butt. Unfortunately the UI is completely whacked for this 45-year-old former Atari queen…


My twelve-year-old self acquired a shiny new Atari 2600 and 3 games. Space Invaders, Astroids and Haunted House (which completely sucked ass). In less than 2 months I become the for most authority on Asteroids and the high scorer amongst my friends and family. I even made people sign my log book to prove that I beat them. I was ruthless and probably the biggest nerd on my block.

The beauty of Atari was that there were 4 buttons. On/Off, Color/B-W (look it up kids), Game Select, Game Reset. Within 30 seconds of firing up the Sears console TV you were playing the game!


It takes me at least 5 minutes to even power up the WiiU, that’s if I can find the power supply to the hand held console. Then it takes me another 5 minutes to load the freakin’ game. Then it starts. Adventure play vs. Free play. Choose a character, locate the map. Save the game. Watch part of the movie in the game. Every 15 seconds my kid wants to know why she can’t move. “Try B, no press X, hold the thing upside down and shake it”. Now I’m pretty tech savvy for an old bird but come on, these new games are fraught with time sinking problems.

Do I have point to my story?

Sure why not. The point is that sometimes going old school is much easier than reinventing the wheel. Lock, load, blast those alien ass monkeys off the screen…make your best friend sign your log book because you beat her to the wall. Go eat some Pop Rocks and Pepsi.

I miss my Atari 2600.