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LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Palette Cheek Palette & Lip Duo Review

I got a nice surprise today! My husband got me an Ulta Gift Card for our anniversary so I picked up the LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Palette Cheek Palette. I am still on the fence about the eye palette.


What’s to love?

The packaging on this one is so pretty with a black box and gold skull. The actual palette is a heavy black cardboard that opens like a book. The palette come with a nice mirror.


The shades are a combo of matte and shimmer and they are so pretty. The color are amazing and very high quality. They are paraben free and infused with anti-aging antioxidants such as pomegranate, acai, and vitamins A, C, and E


  • Star Reader (gold opal shimmer)
  • Destined (light peach shimmer)
  • Fortune (soft pearl shimmer)
  • Bold Spirit (cool pink shimmer)
  • Caribbean (dusty rose)
  • Lost Soul (light beige)


Overall I am thrilled with this cheek palette.

Price: $30

LORAC Pirates Of The Caribbean Lip Duo

I also swatched the Lipstick from theLipstick/Lip Gloss Duos which are very pretty, creamy and pigmented but I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend $26 for one because I don’t wear a lot of lip gloss. The duel ended tube is really neat though.

I  picked up a few more things from Ulta so I decided to do a small Ulta Haul video!


Lush Dragon Egg Bath Bomb Review


Today I tested out the Lush Dragon Egg Bomb and it’s pretty amazing. This bomb is white with flecks of pink and yellow that are rice paper.

I filled the bath tub with warm water and dropped the Dragon Egg into the water. For some reason I keep thinking about Harry Potter when I handle Dragon Eggs! Upon dropping said egg into the bath tub it immediately started fizzing and popping (not a lot of color yet).




After about 2 minutes of white fizz the color started coming out from the center of the egg. The “Dragon” is orange or gold, it was hard to tell because while the initial color is bright orange the water was turing a nice gold color. The fragrance is definitely citrus and smells amazing. It’s not a weird fake smell but what you might imagine a lemon grove smells like which is awesome!


I can see why Lush calls this bomb an egg, as the bomb dissolves it breaks in half (kind of like an egg yolk) and the remaining pieces look like a shell.

I only dipped my feet in this bomb but the water made my feet and legs extremely soft. Because of the citrus smell I would recommend this for a morning bath because the fragrance will wake you up and keep you smelling wonderful all day.