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4th of July Nails: Yay or Nay!

I went to Target today (big surprise) and saw a huge display of the Sally Hansen Color Shine 3 pack for the 4th of July, I could not resist, I love anything with a holiday theme. This is a Target exclusive and cost me $4.99.

Now let me say that I am not a nail professional…at all. Not even close. Painting my own nails with one color is a feat for me but I wanted to attempt something festive. Not sure I succeed though, I can’t even imagine being this good.

The Polish

Sally Hansen is a great brand and for $4.99 this set is really nice. You get 3 colors: Pacific Blue, Pucker Up (Red) and White On. I found the white polish to be the nicest of the three. You could easily only use one coat. The blue and red need two coats for good coverage which perplexes me because more coats just adds to the goo factor.

The Design

My problem is that I could not even come close to creating the beautiful designs on the back of the package. The stripes were a little easier but I think you’d need some sort of expertise and a thinner brush to achieve the star. I also had a problem controlling the polish near the edges.

I got more creative with my thumb and added some white dots and a few Swarovski crystals. The crystal in the center was a design accident but I’m calling it art.

So Yay or Nay?

My daughter loved, my mom thought I did a nice job and my husband just gave me a raised eyebrow…I have no idea what that means. I doubt however that the nice people from Sally Hansen will be calling me anytime soon.

So I feel like it’s a “Yay” look for this middle-aged mom on the 4th of July, but a “Nay” for my career as a hand model or nail designer.

Oh and the polish is Made in the USA which is a big “Yay” for me.

Beauty Reviews, Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Review

Earlier this Summer I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Bordeaux Glow. This awesome gel nail polish requires no light to set.


Funny Story and why I LOVE this polish…

When I first picked up this nail polish I had no idea that you needed the Miracle Gel Top Coat. I just liked the color and my old eyes never even read the tiny instructions on the back. Needless to say I’ve had beautiful results with just 2 coats of polish. When I figured out the top coat trick I had a “Wow” moment. I swear this nail polish might last all Summer with one application.

I primary use  this shade on my toes. The color of the polish is a perfectly rich dark red with some serious shimmer. It’s one of my all time favorite colors and looks great with my brown leather Birkenstocks.

I’ve also found that the polish easy to remove with nail polish remover. However because of the dark color I use a Q-Tip to get the remaining polish from the corners of my nail.

Miracle Gel comes in 70+ shades and you can often times find me at Target staring at the display trying to figure our which one to buy next. I’m leaning towards Shock Wave which is hot pink or Terra-Copa which is a bronzey color.