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Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I have a ton of these Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Shampoo and Conditioner samples so I wanted to try them out. This set is from my August Allure Beauty Box. I do love that Garnier has been so generous will handing these out. I love trying a new product before I commit to buying.


What’s to love?

First I have to say that I’m a fan of the Garnier Fructis products and before I found the Lush Shampoo Bars I used it quite a bit. I do like to use regular shampoo occasionally to mix things up and I’m impressed with the Whole Bends Honey Treasures.

The product contains royal jelly, honey and propolis which makes for a very creamy nourishing formula. The white pearlized shampoo could almost be mistaken for conditioner it’s so creamy. The shampoo is not a high-lather product but feels silky and rinses clean. The conditioner is super creamy and more on the heavy side.

Both have a honey/caramel scent that has a touch of a purfumey smell. Meaning that it’s not super earthy but I liked it. It feels more like a salon product for a much better price.

I can see myself using Honey Treasures after I color my hair or when it feels more dried out as it is super conditioning. I will probably pick up the full-sized products soon.

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Lush Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar Review

Jumping Juniper is now my favorite Lush Shampoo Bar which means that I have a serious addiction to these shampoo bars because I am always discovering a new favorite!


What’s to love?

Jumping Juniper is so fresh. It’s a combination of lavender and rosemary with some citrus and juniperberry oil mixed in. I was attracted to this bar because it says it’s for oily hair which I defiantly have.

The lather on this bar is super thick, smells amazing and made my hair feel really clean. I did notice afterwards that my hair was softer and shinier and then next day I had less oil so I’m thinking it works.

So I’m adding this one to my Lush Shampoo Bar rotation and I’m sure I’ll find a new one to add to the mix soon!

Here’s my YouTube Demo of the Lush Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar.

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Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo Review

I finally got around to reviewing the Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo I got in my July 2016 Birchbox. I usually wash my hair everyday so I didn’t have a chance to use this product but when I did I really liked it.


What’s to love?

First, the Amika dry shampoo is free from talc or aluminum which I love and it’s Made in the USA.

I sprayed the product on my hair and although I don’t usually like aerosols this one felt ok aside from the pressure, it does come out fast so do follow the instructions of holding it 10-12 inches away from your scalp!

The scent is really nice, it’s Buckthorn Berry which I had never heard of. It’s a nice light  berry scent that I loved. After spraying I rubbed the product  through  my hair with my fingers. It drys fast and left my hair silky smooth. There was no stickiness and my hair did feel a lot fresher.

I would absolutely use this product while traveling or when I had to go a day without washing my hair. A great idea for people on the go.

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Burt’s Bees 2 in 1 Tearless Shampoo & Conditioner for Puppies Review

I’m reviewing something a bit different today because dogs need some beauty help too. The Burt’s Bees 2 in 1 Tearless Shampoo & Conditioner for Puppies is my favorite dog shampoo ever.


What’s to love?

We have a 2-year-old Chiweenie named Coco and I’ve been using the Burt’s Bees shampoo on her since she was a puppy and I still use the same formula. This is the only dog shampoo that makes her smell great, gives her a shiny coat and is non-irritating.

I just use about a quarter sized drop and rub into Coco’s fur. It lathers really nicely and washes out clean. Burt’s Bees and an entire pet line if you want to try another formula too.

It’s got Buttermilk and Linseed Oil in the formula and has a very earthy natural scent. This product is Made in the USA to which I love.

Here’s Coco resting post bath in her bed!


If you want to see more of Coco she’s on this amazing free site for dogs called Pack.

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Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar Review

Happy Monday everyone!

About I month ago I recommend the Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar as part of my 3 Must Have Lush Shampoo Bars For Summer post but I wanted to post an update a month later.

I had pneumonia back in February and my hair was in awful shape, however now that I’ve been using Seanik 3-4 times a week mixed with the other Lush Shampoo Bars I’ve noticed a huge improvement. It’s much shinier and thicker! I’m trying to let it grow out again and I’m also hoping that now that it’s in better condition it will grow faster.

Why I love Seanick!

In addition to saving my hair I just can’t say enough about the Lush Shampoo Bars. I love how Seanick smells, it’s a fresh ocean smell but not perfumey at all. Just rub it on your head for a super thick and creamy lather that rinses out super clean.

I’m kind of a Shampoo Bar addict now and want to try every Lush variety at some point.


PS – In case anyone was wondering I don’t work for Lush! I just really, really love their products.

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Lush Montalbano Shampoo Bar Review

Happy Father’s Day all!

I picked up a new Lush Shampoo bar this weekend and I think it’s my new favorite. Montalbano is all about the citrus and shine AND my husband loves it too so you may want to consider this for the dad in your life.


Why I love the Lush Montalbano Shampoo Bar.

Montabano is a deep cleansing bar that really gets your hair squeaky clean. The bar lathers into a huge pile of lemon scented bubbles that get way down to your scalp. There is also a touch of Rosemary (to soothe irritation) and Popping Candy (which is Isomalt, Lycasin and Carbon Dioxide) for fun? My hair is super shiny after using Montabano.

I feel like this is the big brother to Brazilliant which is an orange scented shampoo bar.

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Aveda Brilliant Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I have huge thick wavy hair that has a tendency to get product build-up which I hate. So every week I’ve been using Aveda Brilliant Shampoo & Conditioner to combat my unruly hair (see phot0 below).

What I love about Aveda Brilliant Shampoo.

The Brilliant shampoo works wonders on me as a clarifying shampoo and is great for getting out spray-on sunscreen, chorine, hairspray and other styling products. The smell is wonderful with a fresh clean smell that includes Chamomile. I use about a quarter sized dollop for my chin length thick hair.

What I love about Aveda Brilliant Conditioner.

To me the Aveda Brilliant Conditioner is more like a cream or lotion. It’s thick, white and comes in a squeeze out tube and you only need a small amount to get the job done. The conditioner leaves my hair feeling clean after I rinse with no residue or build-up.

Price: Shampoo $21 for 8.5 oz. – Conditioner $21 for 6.7 oz.

I get about 3 months use out of the shampoo/condition combo using it one or twice a week.

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3 Must Have Lush Shampoo Bars For Summer

Ahhh…Summer is upon us which means sun, chlorine and dry hair. Luckily Lush has 3 amazing shampoo bars to beat the Summer heat. Here are 3 “must have Lush Shampoo Bars for Summer.

What is a Lush Shampoo Bar you ask? They are solid bars of shampoo that lather up and clean your hair in the most beautiful way possible! Really, I’m not exaggerating. These concentrated bars last for about 80 washes and according to Lush to the job of 2-3 bottles of shampoo.


Here’s my “3 for Summer” Lush Shampoo Bar Recommendations

Seanik – Up first is one of my all time favorite shampoo bars. Seanik is seaweed (Irish moss seaweed and Japanese nori seaweed) and lemon and leaves your hair soft and shiny. One of the things I love most about these bars is the volumes of soft lather you get. I’m one of those people who needs lather in order to get my hair clean and these deliver. I’ve got super thick wavy hair and Seanik gets through all the layers without reside and the smell is amazing and it reminds me of a rainforest. This is my go-to bar for tamed tresses. Price: $11.95.


Honey I Washed My Hair – My kid loves this scent, which is honey-toffee and made from Fair Trade honey. It gets the icky pool smell washed away in one fell swoop and keeps their hair soft and conditioned. Kids love using these bars too. Much easier than having shampoo run in their eyes and down their face. Price: $9.95


Brazilliant – My final Summer Shampoo Bar recommendation is Brazilliant, which looks and smells like the Florida sun. This bar is bright orange (because it’s made out of oranges) and turns your shower experience into a citrusy spa. Brazilliant does two things to your hair. It tames frizzy hair into big soft waves which somehow makes your hair really large if that makes sense. I use this bar if I want more soft volume. Price: $10.95


So there you have it! 3 amazing shampoo bars that will probably last you the entire Summer for about $30.