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Kohl’s You Are My Albatross

It’s no secret that middle aged suburban moms (like me) are addicted to Kohl’s and no coincidence that Kohl’s lives right next to Panera or Starbucks.

I know, I know I should be cooler than Kohl’s and shopping  for retro fashion with a unique flair. Nope I shop for Levi’s, cotton shirts and hoodies at Kohl’s. I suck.

Kohl’s is pretty savvy with their PR and marketing strategy too. They get me every single time with that 30% off + Kohl’s Cash offer that inadvertently arrives in my mailbox when I need something trivial like new socks. I am so weak. I cannot pass up that 30% off deal and they know it!

Then the Kohl’s Cash forces me to trudge back to the store (use it or loose it) only to be lured into buying some useless suburban mom crap like a 62″ R2-D2 or Darth Vader pajamas.

Today (armed with my 30% off coupon) I went to Kohl’s with a mission. My husband needed a new dress shirt and pants. I was feeling noble with a purpose. I was no longer that caffeine depraved mom uselessly trolling the aisles for a deal. Nope I had a goal, or so I thought.

Sometime in the past few weeks Kohl’s brought out the big guns. Christmas decorations, Star Wars Jelly Belly’s, shiny sparkly do-dads…everything that distracts me. So instead of just walking out with my husbands shirt and pants I managed to fill another whole grey bag with stuff. Leaving the store with Kohl’s Cash clutched in my hand I hung my head in shame, exited the store and headed to Starbucks.

Well played Kohl’s, well played.