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Bonnie’s March 2017 Monthly Beauty Favorites!

Hey Everyone! I picked 15 of my favorite products to show of in March. I actually had about 37 picks but in the interest of time I narrowed it down, there’s so much good stuff this Spring including stuff from Bath & Body Works, Lush, Too faced, Aveda, It Cosmetics, Revlon and more.

I’m going to start revealing March favorites in video format because there’s so many! But don’t worry, the video is only 8:52 long. I also have one glaring error/goof/botched word but I’ll leave that for you to find! Enjoy and what are YOUR March favorites?


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Easter 2017 Beauty Haul From Target

Oh my gosh! I just went to Target and it’s an Easter wonderland. I actually had to sneak past a 6 foot palette of Peeps to snag some of these beauty Easter finds. I have to say that I’m a bit crazy about holiday themes and this stuff was so much fun to buy. I’ve got some great Easter gifts now and a few things for myself.


Here’s what I got!


EOS Easter Hand Lotion 3 Pack – You get 3 EOS lotions including Berry Blossom, Delicate Petals and Cucumber. They also have a super cute Easter Lip Balm pack.

SinfulColors Nail Polish in Easter Shades – I picked up 3 pretty Easter shades including Havana Great Time, 24/7 and Cash Out.


Katy Katy Matte in Cosmo Kitty – I’m not sure this is the right shade for me but I really like this Easter purple shade from the Katy Perry line.


Lip Smacker Easter Egg 3-Pack -This is so adorable! You get 3 scents of Lip Smackers including Whipped Mallow, Cotton Candy Day Dream and S’More Fun in a pink and clear plastic egg.


Lip Smacker Disney Tsum Tsum Collect and Stack Animal – This cute little guy was in the Easter section. It’s Kooky Oatmeal Cookie flavor inside this little critter.It also comes in Chocolate Chip, Cheer Up Butter Cup and Caramel Kisses.

So there you have it! Some cool ideas for your 2017 Easter Baskets. I also showed these products off in a YouTube Haul! I deviated a little bit from beauty and included some Easter Candy that I found at Target, I just could not resist. Their Easter finds are so cute and I really needed some Cadbury Cream Eggs and Oreo Peeps! Enjoy.



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SinfulColors Luck Of The Stylish Queen Of Green Review

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a nail polish review so I stopped by Walgreens today and picked up some new SinfulColors shades including the Queen Of Green shade from the Luck Of The Stylish collection.

What’s to love?

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this bright glittery green shade but I’m feeling a little bit like I belong in the Emerald City with it on. It’s a really beautiful shade that would be perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day party or parade.

The color is a deep emerald green with green and silver glitter and it comes off surprising well for a glitter product.

Sinfulcolors is one of my favorite brands. I think it holds up great for a lower cost product and the shade range in unbelievable.

The new SinfulColors Luck of the Stylish collection also includes:

  • Works Like A Charm (mint green)
  • Gilded Goddess (metallic gold)
  • Mint Apple (minty jade with gold undertones)
  • Queen Of Green (which I’m wearing)
  • San Francisco (forest green metallic)
  • Green Ocean (magical green and aqua glitter flakes)
  • I’m Clover It (is a topcoat with holographic shamrock-shaped glitter)
  • Rise & Shine (teal)

All shades are Made in the USA and Toluene, Formaldehyde & DBP Free.

Price: $1.99


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SinfulColors Purple Diamond Review

My nails are a complete mess! I’ve been cleaning my spare room so I can turn it into my make-up studio and I managed to chip just about all my nails. So today I cut and polished them with SinfulColors in Purple Diamond.

What’s to love?

My collection of SinfulColors is always growing. At $1.99 I love picking up a new shade that catches my eye and I find the quality of this polish to be really good. It’s also Made in the USA and Toluene, Formaldehyde & DBP Free.

I love this shade of purple too. It’s super light and gives off just the right amount of shimmer and shine. It reminds me of Spring Lilacs which is nice because I am getting really sick of Winter.

I also want to check out their new collections which are…

Kandee Johnson which has a really cool pink that I want called Pin Up Pink.

Swak – Sinful with a Kiss for Valentine’s Day. I must have the fuchsia rEADie or Not shade!

Luck of the Stylish for St. Patrick’s Day. Gilded Goddess in gold is amazing looking.

All New Colors which has some pretty shades.

Pride which is a beautiful rainbow of colors. I like the Envious in green.

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Holiday 2016 SinfulColors Santa Claws & Sleigh My Name Nail Polish Review

I finally found the new Holiday 2015 Sinful colors that’s I’ve been looking for at Target. I picked up Santa Claws and Sleigh My Name. These colors are both from the new Santa Bae Collection.


What’s to love?

If you love glitter and shine you’re going to love Santa Claws and Sleigh My Name which are two Limited Edition Glitter colors from Sinful Colors for 2016.

Santa Claws is fine red and sliver glitter. I used 3 coats to get my desired look. This color would also look great on top of white or silver. It’s very Christmasy.

Sleigh My Name is silver with lots of glitter and white stars. I also used 3 coats to get good coverage but I was a bit messy with my application. The glitter kept going on my skin so you might have to do some clean up afterwards.

Both shades are beautiful for all ages. My tween daughter loves the Santa Claws shade and my 73-year-old mom wants to trySleigh My Name for a Christmas party. So it’s a really a fun look for everyone.

One warning. Glitter takes a bit more effort to remove than traditional nail polish!

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Holiday 2016 SinfulColors Sleigh Me Nail Polish Review

SinfulColors has two 2106 holiday lines this year with new and returning colors. You can select from the Santa Bae and Un-Bowlievable collections.  The Un-Bowlievable collections has this very pretty purple sparkle color called Sleigh Me.


What’s to love?

Sleigh Me is a beautiful grape color with some nice purple shimmer. I used two coats for my desired color and I think it looks amazing. This color does remind me of a Christmasy purple and the shimmer is light enough to look sparkly but is still toned down enough for work.

This color applied super smooth and looks like glass when dried. Very pretty.

Also at $1.99 each you can pick up a bunch of the SinfulColors holidays colors for a great price. Next up is Santa Claws with is a red and white glitter!

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SinfulColors Ice Blue Nail Polish Review

Happy Halloween All!

Today I decided to paint my nails in SinfulColors Ice Blue for Halloween. I wanted a spooky shimmery blue to hand out Halloween candy and while this color wasn’t exactly want I expected I ended up loving it.


What’s to love?

I expected Ice Blue to be much darker, however it almost looked like a clear polish with blue glitter for coat number one. I actually had to apply 3 coats to get this amazing shimmery look.

The color of Ice Blue is completely multi-dimensional. It’s a shimmer/glitter shade that’s a mix of blue, sliver and lavender and it shines like glass. The glitter is so tiny that it looks like snow. I’m actually feeling a bit like Elsa from Frozen or a snow zombie. Either works for Halloween!

I’m a little bit nervous that this shade will be hard to remove as glitter sometimes is but that’s OK, it was worth it for the magically fun blue nails for tonight.

This shade would also work great for Christmas too! Snow glitter fairy!


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SinfulColors Copper Pot Nail Polish Review

I picked up a bottle of SinfulColors Copper Pot today for Halloween although I just found out that this color was from the Spring 2015 St. Patrick’s Day line. But that’s OK, because it looks like Halloween to me and I can’t stop thinking about poor Chester Copperpot from The Goonies now. That’s on my Halloween movie watch list!


What’s to love?

SinfulColors is by far my favorite budget nail polish. I got Copper Pot for $1.49 at Walgreens. It’s Made in the USA and formulated without formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.

Copper Pot is a beautiful mix of brown, silver and gold which gives it that coppery shimmer and shine. The formula is super smooth on application and I used two coats to get full coverage.

I can usually get about 5 days out from my polish job and I am rough on my nails. If I get a chip I just do a quick touch-up.


SinfulColors Guise and Ghouls Halloween Review

I was at Walgreens today and there was a SinfulColors Guise and Ghouls display for Halloween and the colors are gorgeous and come with a great price at $1.99 each. I picked up the Courtney Orange shade which is a mix of bright pumpkin orange and gold shimmer.

What’s to love?

I love that the SinfulColors Guise and Ghouls line has so many amazing Halloween colors. I think they did a great job with a nice variety of orange, black and purple although I’d like to see a nice matte monster green.

The glitter colors look great too and I’ll be getting a few more of those before Halloween. I found the polish to be nice and smooth with zero streaking. I did need two color for good coverage and I did ding my thumb nail before it was dry but I was easily able to fix it.

The line is also Toluene, Formaldehyde & DBP Free and it’s Made in the USA which you know I love.

The collection includes...I want to get Nice Guise, Hazel Moon and Got A Bat Attitude. Which one do you love?

Cloak and Dagger – Deep burgundy with a tombstone texture.

Play Dead – Rose gold and bronze metallic.

Nice Guise – Shimmering green and gold iridescent shade.

Déjà Boo – Ghost-shaped glitter topper in a black glowing base before!

Hazel Moon – Moon-shaped glitter topper in a blue glowing base.

Got A Bat Attitude – Bat-shaped glitter in a glow in a dark base.

Dead On – Glitter in a purple glowing base with black microglitter.

Glow in the Dark – I love this glow in the dark look to be seen on Halloween.

Clear Coat – Clear nail polish.

Let’s Talk – Dark Violet Shimmering Purple.

Courtney Orange – The deepest shimmer orange.

Black  on Black – Dark as Night Cream Black.

Where Oh Werewolf – Tombstone slate grey to the grave.


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SinfulColors Nail Polish Review

I just picked up a few awesomely Halloween shades of Sinful colors today and I am so impressed! My favorite color of the bunch is a dark shade called Rich In Heart.


What’s to love?

I wasn’t expecting to love this polish so much. At $1.99 a bottle I am thrilled that I can stock up on wild holiday colors that I might not normally wear every day although I am planning on using Rich In Heart shade a lot this Fall.

The polish goes on super smooth with not a hint of goopiness. It did seem a tiny bit thin on application but when the color dried it has perfect coverage. I am only wearing on coat and it dried lightening fast.

The color is amazing. It’s a dark reddish brown with lots of reddish shimmer. It reminds me of burgundy velvet theatre curtains under a red light and my nails give off a great shine under the light.

Overall I am super impressed with SinfulColors and their huge selection of colors.