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Cargo Cosmetics Releases NEW Collectible Star Wars Mirrors

Being the big Star Wars nerd that I am I was thrilled to see that Cargo Cosmetics has a new Star Wars collection that includes 4 collectible mirrors. I saw them up close and personal at Kohl’s today and I’ve added the Princess Leia to my Christmas list.

There are 4 designs including:

  • Leia Organa
  • BB-8
  • Rey
  • Captain Phasma

I took one our of the box at Kohl’s and the artwork is really beautiful. I’d love carrying this around in my purse or make-up bag and they are neat collectors items for people (like me) who are huge Star Wars fans.

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Happy National Lipstick Day — Here’s 5 Unique Lipsticks You Might Just Want!

Who would’t love a day dedicated to lipstick? I am a complete lipstick junky and I collect unusual lipstick cases and brands and I wanted to share 5 of my favorites for National Lipstick Day.

Here’s goes! 

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait

The Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait Exotic Fruit shade reminds me of a shade from the 60’s is a light sherbet pink. It’s also vegan and Hypoallergenic.

Your Best Friend Fall in Love Lipstick 

The packaging so so classy and useful on this one. The lipstick comes in a black tube with a neat trick! When you pull out the lipstick a mirror pops up which I love. The lipstick is a beautiful dark rich berry and one of my favorite shades.

Maison Jacynthe Lipstick in Bordeaux Mate

The lipstick tube is so unique and pretty. The cap of the tube is wood and silver and feel like a quality piece. This lipstick itself is a brick shade that’s a creamy sheer/matte. According to Maison Jacynthe “The candelilla wax allows a gentle application without drying of the lips. The oil of abyssinia allows the enhancement of the color and the long duration.

Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick

The Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick in Flame Red has a plink colored flower and gold flecks encased in a clear jelly lipstick. The packaging is pretty with a metallic red case with a mirror. You pop up the lipstick by pressing on the bottom button of the case.

Covergirl Star Wars The Force Awakens Lipstick

My 12-year-old self would have worn this lipstick day and night as I was an extreme Empire Strikes Back fan back in the 80’s. The No. 50 Dark Purple shade is amazing!

Happy National Lipstick Day!


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If Han Solo Shopped at Lush…Happy Star Wars Day!

Well you all know that I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, but I’m also a Star Wars geek too. So I decided to go with a theme here based on If Severus Snape Shopped At Lush… and If Lucius Malfoy Shopped At Lush… and decided to try If Han Solo Shopped at Lush… for Star Wars day.

I’m actually picturing a huge Lush store on Tantooine, all that dirt would make for some good mud masks!

Despite Han’s rough exterior I’d like to think he upgraded the bathroom on the Millenium Falcon to include a soaking tub. After a hard day of smuggling and fighting the Empire and I think a good bath might just do the trick so here goes…

Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

I’m pretty sure Han would enjoy the refreshing peppermint and neon colors in this out-of-this world bath bomb.

Lush Outback Mate Soap

This gorgeous blue nugget is made for Han Solo. It’s rugged and smells of Eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass oil. He could also share this one with Chewie to tame down that Wookie stink…of course I’m not sure I’d want to use this soap AFTER the Wookie.

Lush Karma Komba Shampoo Bar

Han has to be a Karma Komba man! There’s nothing like a little Patchouli Oil to impress the ladies and get those space ravaged locks clean and shiny.

Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face & Body Mask

My guess is that Han smells like coffee and grease so it’s no surprise that he loves a good Cup ‘O Coffee Mask to get rid of that space gunk.

So there you have it! Han at Lush? You bet.

May the 4th be with you!

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Covergirl Gold Star Wars The Force Awakens Lipstick Review

The geek in me is so love with this retired Covergirl Star Wars The Force Awakens Lipstick. I had gotten No. 50 in Dark Purple this summer and now have the No. 40 Gold shade which I like much better.


What’s to love?

My 12-year-old self would have worn this lipstick day and night as I was an extreme Empire Strikes Back fan back in the 80’s. The idea of having a Star Wars branded lipstick would have blow in mind in 1982.

Today I am genuinely thrilled to own this tiny bit of pop culture and I am all over this Gold (C-3PO) shade. It’s a gold/orange shimmer shade that looks surprisingly good for a novelty product. I would serious wear this one. It would also be great for a witch or Star Wars costume for Halloween.

The 6 piece set consists of 3 Dark Side and 3 Light Side shades. Dark Side is Dark Purple, Gold and a Berry Red while the Light Side is Lilac, White and Light Pink. I really want that White shade!

The pigmentation is really good on Gold although it feels a tiny bit grainy which I think is the shimmer.

I got this one on Amazon for $4.99 so they are still out there floating around if you want one.

 The Entire Star Wars The Force Awakens line from Covergirl


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Covergirl Star Wars The Force Awakens Lipstick

Yes, I know I’m way, way late on this review but I just found the Covergirl Star Wars The Force Awakens Lipstick on Amazon this week and being that I’m a freakishly huge Star Wars fan I had to pick one up.

What’s to love?

Well I wasn’t completely expecting to love No. 50 Dark Purple shade on my lips. I mostly bought this as a Star Wars collectable but now that I’ve got it home I’m kind of in love with it!

Covergirl did an amazing job with both the packaging and the product has a dark side and a light side (I ended up on the dark side).

The lipstick itself looks really dark in the tube and has very little scent. However once you apply the lipstick it looks more purply/mauve. I would actually wear this shade to an evening event in the Winter. You should definitely use a lip liner, as you can see the product has a slight bleed on the edges.

This lipstick is also super creamy (not sticky, at all) and feels awesome on my lips. I had it on for awhile and it had great staying power.

I’d really like to get my hands on the other 5 shades to I’m on the look-out on Amazon.

The girl geek is super excited about owning Star Wars lipstick!

The Covergirl Star War The Force Awakens Collection

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I Crocheted A Star Wars Lightsaber: The Force Is Really Made Of Yarn

This is what happens when you give a middle aged mom some yarn and Photoshop.  In honor of “The Force Awakens” I decided to create a crocheted lightsaber.

Aside from embarrassing my kid I think I succeeded in creating a pretty darn cool lightsaber made of yarn. Not that I’d scare Darth Vader or anything but my black bathrobe doubles nicely as a Jedi hood and my glasses kind of make me look like an educated Jedi.


May the Force of Yarn give you the strength to create geeky projects this holiday season.

The Artistic Process: From Prototype to Product

As you can see my prototype kinda sucked. I clearly needed to make this sucker a little less limp. My easy solution was a wooden dowl rod that I smashed up the center. Then I just used a red chain that wrapped around the more realistic lightsaber, The handle was pretty easy, just some black chains to make it look more Star Warsy (is that a word)? The key here is to just wing it. Wrap, tie, loop and repeat. That’s my motto.

4339139_orig     1592765_orig    9626477_orig

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Darth Vader is crying because you bought a Star Wars back scratcher

Holy monkey balls! This week I was at Target, Kohl’s and Toys R Us and it’s raining Star Wars, I mean it’s a damn hurricane of merchandising. Now don’t get me wrong. I am the original 1977 Star Wars kid who knew every single line to the original Star Wars movie (before we called it A New Hope) and I am all for relevant Star Wars merchandising but…have we gone a teensy bit too far this year?

Don’t be flippin’ your eggs with Vader’s head.

I fear that in the next 5 years the discount outlets are going to be overrun with cast offs like this menacing Darth Vader spatula or the Stormtrooper slippers I happened upon at Kohl’s (which by the way looked about as comfortable as walking barefoot on Hoth).

Say no to the back scratcher too.

So my useless (and probably rhetorical) question of the day is “Do I need a Darth Vader back scratcher?” That would be a no.

Yes, to the shoes.

But I do kinda want these $329 blingy shoes that light up and play Star Wars music. I may hate excessive branding but I’m all for a good quality pair of shoes.

Don’t make Darth Vader cry.

Shop Star Wars responsibly this year.

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Hint! Hint! I Need A Rancor Pit & A Gary Vaynerchuk Book.

This is just a reminder to my husband that this (almost) 44-year-old girl geek needs a LEGO Star Wars Rancor Pit for her birthday along with a DQ cake and a copy of the new Gary Vaynerchuk book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World.

Hint, hint, hint!