Essie Funships Nail Polish Review

My trip to Target yesterday not only netted me a cool concealer crayon but I also picked up some awesome Essie nail polish for Summer.

Funships (I love the name) is part of the 2016 Tropical Lights collection which includes the equally fine Classical Cliché in pale blue. Funships is my new favorite shade of the week for a couple of reasons.

  1. You’ll love the coral color. It’s a bit of orange, mixed with a bit of pink and to top it off there’s some silver shimmer in the mix. I used two coats on my fingers and toes but you could easily do with one coat as the coverage is great.
  2. It matches my Apple Watch coral sports band to perfection. We could not have planned this better Essie and yes that makes me a super geek. In fact I had two people today compliment me on my matching skills.
  3. I love the name. Funships is the embodiment of a day on the lake or a night on the ocean.

So get on the Essie Funships this Summer and cruise on a coral sea (ok, that was kind of goofy).

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Review

Earlier this Summer I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Bordeaux Glow. This awesome gel nail polish requires no light to set.


Funny Story and why I LOVE this polish…

When I first picked up this nail polish I had no idea that you needed the Miracle Gel Top Coat. I just liked the color and my old eyes never even read the tiny instructions on the back. Needless to say I’ve had beautiful results with just 2 coats of polish. When I figured out the top coat trick I had a “Wow” moment. I swear this nail polish might last all Summer with one application.

I primary use  this shade on my toes. The color of the polish is a perfectly rich dark red with some serious shimmer. It’s one of my all time favorite colors and looks great with my brown leather Birkenstocks.

I’ve also found that the polish easy to remove with nail polish remover. However because of the dark color I use a Q-Tip to get the remaining polish from the corners of my nail.

Miracle Gel comes in 70+ shades and you can often times find me at Target staring at the display trying to figure our which one to buy next. I’m leaning towards Shock Wave which is hot pink or Terra-Copa which is a bronzey color.

Finding Dory Nail Polish Creation

I’m not a professional nail artist so when my daughter asked for Finding Dory toenails I had to get creative. There was no way my middle-aged eyes were going to paint a clown fish on a tiny toe nail so I went abstract and she loved it. Easy Peasy, only took me 10 minutes.

The Finding Dory Recipe for cool toenails!

First I used one coat for Orly Color Blast in Bright Blue Neon. Orly is an awesome quality nail polish that stays on long and is true to color.

Next I applied a coat of Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in Love Fern which is clear nail polish with this amazing sea blue glitter inside. Now I’ve tried using this polish alone and was not that thrilled. However on the Orly Bright Blue Neon it looks like Dory’s underwater world.

So there you have it Dory fans!