Best Bubbles On The Planet!

So I’m a bit biased. My child was a Gymboree Play & Music kid when she was little and I do a bit of contract work for this company but darn it, they have the best bubbles on the planet with their Bubble Ooodles in my opinion!

After using dollar store bubbles that bust, break and are just plain messy Bubble Ooodles are a dream. The formula is thick and the groovy wand blows nice tiny bubbles that are mesmerizing for both kids and adults! You can even catch them on your finger — yes I’ve done this!

I just helped Gymboree Play & Music set up a way to buy Bubbles Ooodles online and you can now buy them here. My friends who are teachers swear by the Bubble Ooodles formula and even as an adult I can honestly say I love playing with them! That’s me blowing tiny bubbles below!

I have the Bubble Ooodles starter pack (which is only $9.99) and comes with the wand, tray and 4 oz. of bubbles. Shipping is super reasonable too!

Pop Culture

Breaking Bad LEGO’s? Oh yeah!

First let me say that I am a huge, huge fan of Breaking Bad and leaving behind Walter White in September was a sad day. Baby Blue by Bad Finger is firmly loaded into my Spotify library.

So just the other day as my husband and I were assembling the LEGO Friends Pool I said wouldn’t it be cool to have a Breaking Bad LEGO set. Well we stared at each other in a devilish many and raced to our iPad’s to see if we could acutally find some other people who had the same idea.


The supercool guys at Uncrate showed me the way. Apparently Citizen Brick developed a set but it some how got the kibosh. Dang! Really? That set just looked so cool and it brings a whole new meaning to that bleeding LEGO finger.

Walter White is hysterical as a LEGO man and the details are amazing. The scale, the barrel the surveillance camera. That would have been one cool set to assemble.

Which brings me to another idea. Geeks over 18 love LEGO’s so having a Laverne & Shirley or Red Hot Chili Peppers or Anchorman  set would probably be genius marketing.