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My Bath & Body Works Unicorn Haul

Magic is in the air at Bath & Body Works and they have Unicorns! I found some cute products that I’m going to bag up as Easter gifts this year.


Here’s a few of the things I got:

Unicorn Foam Anti-Bacterial Foaming Mousse – This Berry Bliss foam smells amazing and makes my hands soft.

Unicorn PocketBac – They have three unicorn varieties: I’m A Unicorn (So Sweet Berry), Don’t Quit Your Daydream (Pink Lemonade) and Unicorn Water (I got a shiny silver holder with this one too).

Unicorn Bath Fizzie – This purple scented unicorn bath bomb is by Chrislie.

You can also check out my Bath & Body Works Unicorn Haul on YouTube!

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Too Faced La Creme Mystical Lipstick Fairy Tears Review

The Too Faced La Creme Mystical Lipstick Fairy Tears lipstick was calling my name in Sephora this past weekend and I’m so glad I got this fairy wonder.


This mystical lipstick is an incredible shade-shifter that just screams rainbows and unicorns. It also changes the color depending on body temperature. They Fairy Tears gives me a gorgeous bright pink shade that sparkles.

It also comes in…

  • La Crème – Unicorn Tears 
  • La Crème – Mermaid Tears 
  • La Crème – Angel Tears 
  • La Crème – Fairy Tears


What’s to love?

The scent is described as a “signature sweet unicorn scent” and I would say that’s pretty accurate. It smells like sweet candy and that’s fine by me.

The lipstick itself is really high-quality cream with that appears yellow in the tube but it morphs into a bight pink on my lips. Fairy Tears has nice staying power and I got a lot of compliments — when I explain the magic of Fairy Tears everyone is in awe. The Holographic Purple/Lavender Mermaid Tears is next on my list.

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Bath & Body Works Unicorn Snot Review

One of the most unique and fun new Bath & Body Works Christmas products is Unicorn Snot which I absolutely LOVE!

Unicorn Snot is a glitter gel that comes in 4 colors — pink, purple, silver & gold. I was able to pick up the pink and purple shades today.

It doesn’t really have a scent and is a lightweight clear gel with really nice glitter. I was able to rub it on my skin for a light sheen and even at 47 it looks good on me (I think). You can even wear it in your hair for a little sparkle.

These also make great gifts for teens and tweens. They are $10 but if you can find a Buy 3, Get 3 deal with 20% off they are much more reasonable. I’m going to be giving a lot of Unicorn Snot out for Christmas this year. I hope my family loves it as much as me!

Check out my Bath & Body Works Unicorn Snot Review on YouTube!

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Tarte Limited Edition Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette Review

I am absolutely thrilled with the new Tarte Limited Edition Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette, it’s even prettier in person than in pictures and the colors are perfect for me. I also love the unicorn theme and how cool is it that Tarte gave me unicorn tissue paper in my box!

What’s to love?

First up the packaging is so pretty, the outside of the compact is gold with a blue, pink and purple lid and it’s huge at 4.5″ in diameter.


This palette really has it all. It has one matte shade (that could even be used as a blush), 9 metallic eye shades and a white pearl highlighter. The shades are…

  • myth (matte nude)
  • magic (bronze)
  • wings (copper)
  • marvel (metallic sage)
  • trance (taupe slate)
  • fairy (metallic lavender)
  • mystic (blue pearl)
  • dream (turquoise)
  • crystal (iridescent champagne)
  • pixie (golden pink)
  • believe (pearl highlight)


The eyeshadow is a medium consistency, it felt a bit hard at first but once I worked it with my brush it got much softer and smoother. In my video below I tried out the fairy (metallic lavender) and crystal (iridescent champagne) and I think it looks so pretty!

All of the shades very pigmented and I really can’t decide which one I love best. This palette also has the classic Tarte vanilla scent which is my absolute favorite scent.

I have to say that I am just in love with this palette. It’s got an 80’s feel to me and now I really want the limited-edition wands and brush Set and the limited-edition spellbound glow rainbow highlighter.

I don’t care how old you are unicorns awesome!

I also did a short little first impression video on YouTube. Enjoy!