About Bonnie

I’m an over 50 lifestyle blogger and YouTube vlogger — here’s my story!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!

I was a girl geek long before it was cool to carry that moniker. In 1981 I saw The Empire Strikes Back approximately 37 times in the movie theatre (hey, it was only $1.50) and I actually owned the Star Wars Movie LP (Geek Alert!)

In high school I was a theatre geek who had a thing for 80’s music and developed a love for everything pop culture. You seriously don’t want to play 80’s sitcom trivia with me as I’d beat your pants off.

My love of beauty products started at an early age when my mom sent me to school with blush at the age of 9 to make me look more rosy (I was a blonde Wednesday Addams). As an 80’s girl — Duran Duran, Boy George and Cyndi Lauper were my fashion icons. Today I’m addicted to Avon, Bath & Body Works and Lush!

Because of my love for Avon I decided to become an Avon Rep and I’m now a leader! I love sharing the Avon opportunity with people and leading my team.

My love for candles and holiday home decor started at an early age too! The colors, the scents — candles are a huge part of my life and during the holidays I go a bit crazy too with home decor!

I have over 15 years of professional experience working as a digital marketer, social media manager, community organizer, writer and team leader. I’ve worked for Village Voice Media, Squidoo (the lifestyle recommendation website founded by Seth Godin in 2005) and San Francisco dog startup Pack where I interviewed Dr. Pol, star of Nat Geo WILD’s No. 1 series “The Incredible Dr. Pol” and Dana Perino (and her dog Jasper)!

In my free time I can be found obsessing about Harry Potter…err, make that Severus Snape, pondering Dr. Who, assembling LEGO sets, listening to 80’s music, hanging out at the zoo with my family (we have a thing for cute furry creatures) and lurking in Bath & Body Works, Lush and HomeGoods.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


My motto: Don’t dream it – be it. (I borrowed that from a kinda famous movie).

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For PR and Media inquires you can e-mail me at bonnie@queenofthegirlgeeks.com


30 thoughts on “About Bonnie”

  1. Thanks for the follow Bonnie. I don’t see too many over 40 beauty bloggers. I’m 57 and have a lot of youngsters who follow my blog. I’m always telling them to make sure they use a daily sunscreen. I’m sure they are thinking “thanks Mom”. LOL!

      1. Thanks! I do feel kind of preachy sometimes, but given the fact I’ve been wearing makeup for over 40 years, I know a few things. Plus I hope they see my skin and realize the daily SPF does work.

  2. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you, I have taken notice that you have chosen to visit my blog page and follow me! thank you, I appreciate it. I hope that you will find my page somewhat interesting. I am eager to start reading your post as well! have a lovely day.


  3. I’m so happy to see there’s a community of 40+ beauty bloggers out there! Thanks for finding me Bonnie! Looking forward to more of your posts! Duran Duran, Aqua Net and ’80s music forever!

  4. I’ve enjoyed your blog posts and it’s the first time I’m reading your “about me” section, and I feel connected! I’m on the geeky side as well and work in marketing. Keep up the good work! Your posts helped me escape from the worst year in my life this year. Thank you for that!

  5. HI, I definitely identify with your girl geek persona! I was a star trek geek in my early years and still love action movies, the bigger the fight the better! And I would love to play 80s trivia with you- 80s classic rock is my goto pandora station for running! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out, we unique over 40s need to stick together!

  6. Hi Bonnie. I watch you Youtibe channel. It’s so pleasing to see and hear you talk so enthusiastically about all the B&BW products. I’m going today to lurk around B&BW as well.
    Have a beautiful day, Bonnie! πŸ˜„

  7. Hi Bonnie! I recently discovered your YouTube channel and watch you everyday now! You have the perfect balance of Bath and Body Works content as well as other brands. So fun to try new things! Also I love that you’re a Doctor Who fan πŸ™‚

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