If you would like to send me a product to review just contact me via e-mail. I love reviewing new beauty products and am happy to give my honest opinion.

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8 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Bonnie, no!!! I came late to the party, admittedly (June, 2018) but you are my favourite! I abdominal adore watching your videos and I was working my way though all of them from the beginning. I completely understand the need to cut back, scale down, and refocus, etc. However, would you ever consider leaving your existing videos up in your channel so your fans can continue to watch and enjoy?

    I know it’s only been six months, but I will genuinely miss you. I hope you are doing wel and I hope that you remain a presence in some capacity.

    Be well,

    Jenny (Regina, SK, Canada)

  2. Bonnie: Your recent youtube video on what we were hoping to see this fall at BBW – number one for me has to be Pumpkin Patch – a.k.a. Heirloom pumpkin. I only have 1 left. Boo. Hoo. Also Apple Cinnamon Cider, Leaves, and Pumpkin Apple Parfait – Yankee Candle.

  3. Hi Bonny – I am writing regarding the Yankee Candle Christmas magazine and their Christmas collection. I got the magazine, and I liked the Holiday Hearth, but like you, the Chnristmas Punch had a strange twang to it. I also am interested in checking out their Singing Carols. I usually get their Christmas Tree candle, but their label for it this year, looks weird. I would have to smell it first to make sure they haven’t changed the scent notes.

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