The BrowGal Convertible Brow Powder/Pomade Review

I received a a full-sized The BrowGal Convertible Brow Powder/Pomade in my 2017 Spring Beautycon Box and it’s a really great product.


What’s to love?

I feel like this $35 brow Powder/Pomade is a very professional product with lots of diversity. I also got a brush for the brow powder that’s retails for $14 and The BrowGal website has a .pdf sheet with instructions that I found very helpful.

You get a warm, neutral, and ash tone in the compact and you can use it dry as a powder or wet as a pomade. For me the dry powder gave me me full brows while the wet pomade gave me very dramatic brows. I am terrible at photographing my brows and the pictures just did not do the product justice.

I am so excited to have a professional brow product that I can play with and love that I got this in my Beautycon Box, it’s not something I’d normally pay $49 (compact & brush). There are 3 shades, 01 for Dark hair, 02 for Medium Hair, 03 for Light Hair. The shades are very pigmented, smooth and so pretty.

Overall I am very impressed with both the compact and the brush. I have a The BrowGal Highlighter that I love and I’m excited to experiment more with this brow palette.

The BrowGal Convertible Brow Powder/Pomade is part of my Beauty Con Box Reveal!

The BrowGal Highlighter Pencil Review

I got The BrowGal Highlighter Pencil in my Fall Beautycon Box and having been using it now for about a month. This beautiful pencil gives my tired eyes a big boost which I love.


What’s to love?

The BrowGal Highlighter is by make-up artist Tonya Crooks and it’s a really neat product. This dual ended fat pencil has Gold shimmer on one end and Nude matte on the other. It’s a traditional wood pencil that needs sharpened. I love the consistency of the product too. It’s not hard or sharp and not to soft. It applies perfectly.

I use the nude end right under my eyebrows for some light lift and the gold end high on my lid for a little highlight. The pencil is formulated with Green Tea & Alfalfa Extract which is supposed to reduce puffiness and increase circulation. It does make my eyes look really nice and healthy.

My one beef is that the pencil is Made in P.R.C. which is China but I’m getting more used to it with quality products like NYX being made there.

I would buy this product once my sample runs out.

Price: $20