Lush Karma Komba Shampoo Bar Review

I’ve been using the Lush Shampoo Bars now for almost two years and my favorites up until now have been Jumping Juniper, Seanik and Montalbano but now I think I have a new favorite and it’s the green Karma Komba!

First up I wanted to show what a shampoo bar looks like dry when you first bring it home from Lush, it basically looks like a hockey puck.

What’s to love?

Now normally I’m not a fan of Patchouli Oil so that’s why I waited so long to get Karma Komba but I’ve heard so many good things I just had to try it.

While It does have a slight Patchouli Oil I don’t think it’s that strong and you also get  Sweet Orange Oil, Lavendin Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Elemi Oil and Gardenia Extract so it does have its own unique sent.

However what I love about Karma Komba is that it makes my hair shine. I’ve got big, curly hair and it tames it really too. This is definitely my new favorite.

Price: $11.95

Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick Review

The Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick comes in 25 shades including Ruby Kiss and Playful Rose pictured below.

I love this product because it keeps my lips in good condition, especially in the Winter months and I’d much rather wear a moisturizing lipstick than lip balm. I love having color on my lips!

The Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick formula is “Infused with marine collagen and jojoba oil to nourish, plump and soften lips and fine lines”

Being almost 50 my lips tend to be on the dryer side and I can’t wear matte liquids because the really dry out my lips. I love this formula because it has a satin finish and my lips feel more moisturized when I wear it. I feel like it has a good pigmentation and wear for a satin finish.

Disclosure, I am an Independent Avon Representative.

If you’re interested in becoming an Independent Avon Representative you can CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY TEAM. Shop my online store:

Bath & Body Works 100% Raw Coconut Oil Review & Demo

I didn’t even realize that Bath & Body Works had a raw coconut product so I was pleasantly surprised when I found the Bath & Body Works 100% Raw Coconut Oil as part of the CocoShea line.

The formula is just raw coconut oil and it is super moisturizing for my dry feet and elbows but a bit too oily for my skin. The scent is also just raw coconut with no added fragrance.

I created a video demo on YouTube!

My Avon Story!

So I’ve been working from home for over 15 years in various roles and for some great companies. I do mostly social media managing, community building and teaching and I love it. Working from home lets me do the laundry, KonMari my sock draw (I’m kind of failing at that) and walk the dog more often.

Then a few years ago I also started this beauty blog as a hobby because I love writing and beauty products so it was a no brainer to start sharing reviews and products that I use like Lush and Bath &n Body works. Last year I also started vlogging on YouTube, then I quit, and then I came back because I missed it — I’m chalking it up to menopause brain!

Now that I’m fully immersed in the beauty world I started to check out Avon again. I clearly remember the Avon Lady coming to our house in the 70’s and the Skin So Soft scent is embedded in my brain and I really love the products (I am a regular user of the Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick ) so I decided to sign up as an Avon rep. Here’s my online store if you want to check it out: Shipping is free with a $40 order. I am only selling online and I also have a Facebook page.

The Avon Mark Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes is one of my favorites. The shades on this palette are so warm!

I’m also putting together an Avon team if you want to sign up under me. I have a Facebook group so it would be lots of fun.

If you’re interested in becoming an Independent Avon Representative you can CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY TEAM. It was actually super easy to sign-up and you get a cool dashboard and tools to help you get started.

The Quick Starter Kit is $25 and is valued at over $80 and there are 2 more levels above that for $50 and $100. I’m hoping it’s a fun side gig and I’ll be posting some Avon products reviews on my blog along with my usual stuff!

So onward and upward! I’m excited to add another layer of fun to my hobby.

Lip Monthly February 2019 Review

I received a complimentary (free) Lip Monthly bag. All opinions are my own. The cost for Lip Monthly is $12.95/ month.

My February Lip Monthly bag has:

Jing AI Tinted Balm – The shade is Crimson Tide and the scent in Vanilla/Peppermint. Price: $6

IBY Beauty Lipliner in Rosebud – This is a nice dark shade. Price: $6

Steve Laurant Lip Gloss in Ballerina – This shade is so pretty and it smells like vanilla. Price: $22

Bang Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick in Hot Chocolate – It’s dark but smells like slightly Hot Chocolate! Price: $18

I feel like this was a really good month because I loved all 4 of the products and the bag is a $52 value.

Avon Original Skin So Soft Creamy Body Wash Review

Disclosure, I am an Independent Avon Representative.I have a bit of a nostalgic attachment to the Avon Skin So Soft collection. I clearly remember the Avon Lady coming to our house when I was younger and my mom using the Original Skin So Soft line. To me it smells a bit like a floral baby powder but it’s not overpowering at all. I find it to be a soft gentle scent.

The Original Skin So Soft Creamy Body Wash is formulated with jojoba oil to leave skin soft. It lathers well on a pouf and rinses clean. This is the 11.8 fl. oz. size. For campaigns 5 and 6 it is on sales for $4.49 (originally $8).

The Original Skin So Soft comes in a Replenishing Hand Crean, Body Lotion, Bath Oil and Creamy Body Wash (see photo below). They have the Original Skin So Soft formula in a Bath Oil Spray, Body Wash, Shower Gel, Gelled Body Oil and Oil-Infused Foaming Body Wash.

Products are Made in the USA.

To purchase the Avon Original Skin So Soft Creamy Body Wash or any other Avon product you can visit my online store at:

Disclosure, I am an Independent Avon Representative.

If you’re interested in becoming an Independent Avon Representative you can CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY TEAM.

Boxycharm February 2019 Review

In 2019 I started to unsubscribe to my beauty boxes (but that’s another post). The one that I kept was Boxycharm (here’s my referral code) because it’s really the best value, hands down. For only $21/month you get well over $100 worth of product, many of which are full sized. As you can see from the photo below my February 2019 was a jackpot win! The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (which retails for $24) paid for the entire box.

I also got….

The Pretty Vulgar Bronzed B, Bronzer (retail $32). This is a nice product which I would never pay $32 for but I was thrilled to get it in my box. It’s Made in the USA too.

The Touch In Sol No Problem Primer (retail $18). I have never heard of this brand but a full-sized primer is a good product to get.

The Sol De Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream (retail $20). I have the Bum Bum Cream and this one smells amazing too. So a huge yes to a nice coconut cream.

The NudeStix Magnetic Luminous Eye Color (retail $24). Again I would never pay $24 for a stick but happy to get one. The shade is a super nice bronze and I am loving it already.

So this month the box was a $118. Yes, this box is amazing!