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Bath & Body Works NEW Brownie Batter Swirl Candle Review

The Bath & Body Works Brownie Batter Swirl Candle is part of the new foodie collection that sold out almost instantly. However be sure to check the Bath & Body Works site early in the morning as they have been restocking.

The scent notes on Brownie Batter Swirl are Brownie Batter, Chocolate Chunks, Powered Sugar and Vanilla!

This candle smells amazing — like milk chocolate with a touch of vanilla and while it’s not super strong it did fill my large room with a delicious chocolatey bakery scent. The burn was clean and while I would have like a more decorative jar this white matte design with an ombre label is pretty.

Check out my review the the Bath & Body Works Brownie Batter Swirl Candle on YouTube!

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Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquified Long Wearing Lipstick Review

I got a sample of the Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquified Long Wearing Lipstick in Chocolate Milkshake in my 2016 Christmas In New York Too Faced The Chocolate Shop and I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes smelling it!


What’s to love?

Aside from the chocolate scent which is wonderful (because of the cocoa-powder-infusion) I really like Melted Chocolate. The fuzzy tip applicator is really unique. It’s a fuzzy pad and you squeeze the product up through holes in the top. The fuzzy applicator makes it easy to stay in control while you apply the lipstick.

The Chocolate Milkshake color that I have is a nice light toffee brown and I think it looks amazing. I also liked the feel of it on my lips, it’s light and non-drying. The Melted Chocolate line also comes in Chocolate Cherries, Chocolate Honey, Metallic Chocolate Diamonds, Metallic Frozen Hot Chocolate and Metallic Candy Bar.

Overall I am super impressed with this line. It has great staying power and it’s beautiful. I’d love to try a few more shades. After all, you can never have too much lipstick!

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2016 Christmas In New York Too Faced The Chocolate Shop Review

I got a nice haul this year for Christmas and I want to start sharing some of my loot! One of my favorite gifts is the Limited Edition Christmas In New York Too Faced The Chocolate Shop. I actually bought this myself a few weeks before Christmas with my $20 off at Sephora…kind of an early Christmas present and I love it.


What’s to love?

The packaging on this kit is so cute but it’s a bit awkward to maneuver. It’s a window box on top with 3 products. You get  Shadow Insurance, Better Than Sex Mascara and a Melted Chocolate Liquified Long Wear Lipstick that smells like chocolate. These are cute little bonus items that I was glad to get.


The real treat however is the palette itself. I think I’m actually going to remove the palette from the large box so it fits better on my make-up table. The palette has a magnetic closure so it seal good.


The palette gives you 18 eye shades, 3 highlighters and 3 blush/bronzers and they all smell like chocolate because they are infused with cocoa powder which I really love. There’s something so nice about having a chocolate aroma swirling around.

I swatched a few of my favorite shades. They are…

  • Sugar Bells – Metallic Silver
  • Mint Chip – Teal Shimmer
  • Jingle Berry – Mauve/Pink Shimmer
  • Sugared Raisin – Violet Metallic
  • Honey Dip – Gold Metallic
  • Lava Cake – Brown Metallic


All of the shades a so beautiful and they have amazing pigmentation. I love that you get a nice assortment of colors too, they do remind me of a chocolate shop.

Overall I love this palette and I’m glad I picked one up before they sold out.

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Hershey’s Dye Free Flavored Lip Balm Set Review

I’m on the hunt for stocking stuffers this week and found this super cute Hershey’s Dye Free Flavored Lip Balm Set for $5.99 at Target online.


What’s to love?

This set dye free set has 7 candy flavors including Hershey’s Chocolate, Bubble Yum Gum, Twizzlers, Reese’s, Green Apple Jolly Rancher, Ice Breaker’s Cool Mint and Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses and it’s super cute. I love the packaging and the flavors, they remind me of my childhood. I was a huge fan of Bonne Belle back in the 70’s and 80’s.

What’s not so good.

The lip balms are Made in China however one of the ingredients is Saccharin which makes the product sweet. I had no idea many brands of lip balms used Saccharin and I’m not crazy about that. I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to keep this set.

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Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer Review

My third free sample of the day came from Ulta! I got an e-mail this morning that said I would get a Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer with any purchase! Well that got me in the store. I got a Covergirl brow pencil for my mom and my sample. Full sized price is $30.00.


What’s to love?

First up this product smells like chocolate so that’s a great reason to love it right off the bat, but there’s more to love.

Chocolate Soleil is a super versatile matte powder. Use it as a bronzer, blush or on your nose or chin. It adds great contour too. At first I thought the shade would be too dark on my fair vampire skin but I used it on my cheeks for a great Fall look.

The product blends so well and gave me a great Summer glow. I’d like to also try the Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer as it is a light medium matte.

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Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask Review

Yesterday I returned my Aqua Marina and picked up the Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask and boy do I love this one!

What’s to love?

This face mask is just plain fun and it works wonders on my skin. First off this one goes in the fridge and because it’s a fresh mask it expires in a few weeks so you’re going to want to use it fast.

I decided to use this one today because it’s 95 degrees and the humidity is out of control which means that my face is a greasy mess. I was thrilled to apply this super cold mask to my skin on this super hot day.

Even cold the mask is easy to apply. Just smear it on your face. The main ingredient is Rhassoul Mud which is great on oily skin, this ingredient is also in Dark Angels which I love.

The best part of this mask has got to be the smell. It truly smells just like chocolate and it lingers on your face after you wash it off which means that everyone is your friend.

After I use this mask my face feels tight and smooth but not dry which I love. You will however have to get this one at a Lush store because it’s fresh, you can’t order on online.

Want to know how Cupcake is made? Check this out….Yum!