Lush Rosebud Soap – Mother’s Day 2018

If you love roses then you are going to flip for the Lush Mother’s Day 2018 Rosebud Soap. I ordered this one from the UK and not only is it pretty but it smells amazing.

What’s to love?

The Lush Rosebud Soap has white rose petals, ylang ylang oil and orange which gives it a unique floral/fruity scent. It also has extra virgin olive oil that I love to keep my skin soft.

However, what’s so cool about this soap is that it’s part of the new 3D printed designs collection and it really does look like a work of art. The collection also includes Lemon ZestChamomile Lawn and Purple Loosestrife. The 3D design not only looks pretty but it also feels good on my skin.

You can see the Lush Rosebud Soap in my YouTube Lush Mother’s Day Haul video!


Lush Mother’s Day 2018 Collection

Mother’s Day in the UK is March 11th so the Lush Mother’s Day collection is live. I ordered a nice stash of stuff including:

  • Purple Drain Marbled Bubbleroon
  • Madame President Bath Bomb
  • Baa Bar Bubble Bar
  • Incredible Mum Bath Bomb
  • Mum, Look What I Made You Bath Bomb
  • Mum In A Spin Bubble Spinner
  • Rosebud Soap
  • Raspberry Milkshake Soap
  • Incredible Mum Gift

I’ll be reviewing each of these products and you can check out the Lush Mother’s Day 2018 Collection in my new video! Enjoy : )

Bath & Body Works 2017 Mother’s Day Tote

Today I picked up the Limited-Edition Bath & Body Works Mother’s Day Tote. The tote costs $30 (over $107 value) with any $30 Bath & Body Works purchase.

You can choose a gray tote with a light green mini bag that says “Hello” or a Pink tote with a light pink mini bag that says “Shine On”. I chose the gray bag, it also has a light green liner.

It says on the Bath & Body Works site that you can purchase through May 14th, 2017.


Here’s what you get in the bag:

  • Blushing Pink Rose Petals 3-Wick Candle (14.5 oz)
  • At the Beach Ultra Shea Body Cream (8 oz)
  • Vanilla Flower Hand Soap with Olive Oil (10 fl oz)
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath Fizzy (4.6 oz)
  • Heart of Gold (Berry Sweet) Hand Cream (1 fl oz)
  • Heart of Gold (Berry Sweet) PocketBac (1 fl oz)
  • Glittering PocketBac Holder

The bag is a good quality vinyl and very sturdy, I’m going to use it as a beach bag this Summer. I love the contents and think it’s a great deal as I needed to get some more foaming hand soap so that easily got me to my $30 for purchase.

Glossybox Limited Edition Pink Diamond Box Review

Today I got the Glossybox Limited Edition Pink Diamond Box. It was $35 (member) or $40 (non-member) and you can still order this one as of 5/3. The theme is Glitz/Dazzle/Glow!

I am so excited about this box as you get 6 full-sized products. I created an unboxing video and there is a list of products below. I’ll also be reviewing each product in the next few weeks.

Here are the 6 products you get in the box…It’s a $160 value.


Lush Mother’s Day 2017 MOM Bath Bomb Review

If you’re looking for a cute Mother’s Day gift the Lush Mother’s Day 2017 MOM Bath Bomb might just be right up your alley!

What’s to love?

The Lush MOM Bath Bomb comes in two versions. Yellow and Pink.  I have the Yellow one. The scent of this one is Sicilian lemon, sweet orange and rose. To me it smells like a fresh floral with a hint of citrus. It’s more floral than citrus.

I did get this one from Lush North American online and the “Mom” was a little rubbed off during shipment but it still looked nice. If you want an intact one I would try going to a Lush store to pick on out as they can get crumbly.

I was also pleasantly surprised to get a Lush paper message inside that said “Thanks Mom”, it’s a nice touch and a cute surprise.

My “Mom” Bath Bomb melted in about 2 minutes and turned the water a nice dusky pink shade, the yellow and green shades didn’t show up much. I liked how this one felt on my hands and overall I think it’s a nice bath bomb and would make a great gift if you mom likes Lush Bath Bombs.

Price: $7.95

I also created a super short YouTube Demo of the Lush Mom Bath Bomb!

Also be sure to check out my Mother’s Day Lush Haul on YouTube! I think my favorite product is the Lush Baa Bar Bubble Bar! Mother’s Day is Sunday May 14th so there’s still time to get to Lush! I may try to get a few more of the Baa Bars for myself this week.

Lush Mother’s Day 2017 Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar Review

I picked up the Lush Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar from the Lush Mother’s Day 2017 collection and this thing is huge!

What’s to love?

This giant Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar is blue, yellow and pink and has rosewood, grapefruit and neroli. It does have a fairly strong floral scent mixed in with the citrus. If you mom hates the floral scents I would suggest trying The Comforter Bubble Bar which is more fruity with Blackcurrant. Your Mother Should Know is very pretty and makes great bubbles.

I always cut up the Lush Bubble Bars to get multiple uses as these are super easy to cut with a butter knife.

This one is super bright and cheery for Mother’s Day and would make a nice gift!

Price: $12.95

Check out the Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar in my Lush Mother’s Day Haul video too!

Lush Baa Bar Bubble Bar for Mother’s Day 2017

Ah, I am so in love with the new Lush Baa Bar Bubble Bar. This cute little sheep smells so good!

What’s to love?

This luscious Bubble Bar is not only cute but it smells good too. At first I thought it was straight Lavender but it’s actually got Bergamot Oil, Clove Bud Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute, Violet Leaf Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil and Lavender Powder. It does smell very relaxing and the scent stayed with me.

The Baa Bar Bubble Bar is purple and white and I was surprised when I cut it in half that there was more purple. When I melted the purple part the bath water did turn a nice Lavender and the bubbles were pretty good.

Overall I think this one is very nice and would make an excellent Mother’s Day gift. It does come in the Best Friend’s Mother’s Day Gift too.

Check out the Lush Baa Bar Bubble Bar in my Lush Mother’s Day 2017 video!