The Furniture Algorithm

This of course is not to be confused with the Friendship Algorithm from The Big Bang Theory. But let’s take TBBT first. What if their furniture was rearranged? Would Raj still sit on the right side of the couch? Would Sheldon still sit in the same spot (his spot) even if the couched faced the opposite way? Probably, but he’s Sheldon.

This brings me to my point, I really do have one…

Yesterday I completely rearranged my living room furniture. The couch is now in front of the window, the TV is where the couch used to be and I created  a wall of bookcases to separate my office and the living room. I was pretty impressed with my work but I also realized that my moving the furniture changed the family dynamic. For example, my husband is now sitting on the couch (he used to love the chair), I now have the chair and the kiddo has moved from the couch to the bean bag chair in front of the TV. The only person who still has the same chair is my mom (she lives with us).

As a result of this motion we’re doing different things. I’m reading more because the chair has a light by it and my husband can now play Xbox again as there’s more space in the center of the room.

I’m calling the phenomenon The Furniture Algorithm, meaning that if you move even a small piece of furniture you change the dynamic of the room and the people in it. Action, reaction at it’s best. Just no infinite loops.

So your job for the new year is to create your own Furniture Algorithm (I’m officially coining that term right now) and starting something new and fresh.

I wonder if the producers of Big Bang will buy into this and move Sheldon? Nah, it would never happen.

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