Find Dig on USA to experience great American TV from the other side of the world.

Ironically Dig is an American TV series (USA Network) that’s filmed mostly overseas (Jerusalem & Croatia) with a British lead (Jason Isaacs) who just happens to have a Chicago accent. Whew, that’s probably a story in itself.

My quest for great TV hits solid rock…

The unfortunate reality is that my husband and I have very little time for TV which is sad for a former 1970’s TV addict. However I do spend time on the hunt for great late night shows to watch. I came across Dig via my recent Harry Potter obsession. I just happened to catch an interview with Jason Isaacs (who plays Lucius Malfoy) about being in Dig with Anne Heche and my geek senses went off full throttle. I love TV shows that are puzzles but they also have to have a great cast and story line. Dig has all three and we just finished up the 10 part series.

I’m not giving it up for you!

There’s no spoilers here. I hate recaps and spoilers. There’s nothing worse than getting excited about a new show and then having some boob reveal the plot. So don’t Google “Dig recaps”, you’ll ruin it. Trust me on this one.

Dig is not Indiana Jones…

I loathe comparisons. Dig stands on its own. Completely original in style and story although Jason probably would look perfectly fine in a wool fedora.

Dig is 10 episodes…

What? No really. Gideon Raff and Tim Kring created a show that has a clear beginning, middle and end which is a treat for those of use who love stories that unravel, weave together and reveal secrets at a fast pace.  Dig is tight, in the best way possible.

Dig has the perfect cast…

This is a true ensemble cast that blends together flawlessly. Each character is purposefully placed which creates the most satisfying effect. You’re not missing a character from the previous scene because the person on the screen has your rapt attention which is what makes Dig phenomenal TV.

Dig is beautiful…

The show was filmed in Jerusalem, Croatia and New Mexico. The Jerusalem city and underground scenes are nothing short of amazing. You could watch this entire series with the sound turned off and have an amazing visual experience.

Dig is bloody…

I’m not sure there’s an episode that someone isn’t covered in blood but it’s not gratuitous or gory. People die in Dig because it’s part of the puzzle. Although there is one death that really chokes me up (not going to tell you though).

You can feel Dig…

OK, that sounds a little melodramatic and corny but you really can. There’s a rhythm to the series which takes place in 3 corners of the world. As the story progresses the rhythm become faster as the 3 corners fold towards each other and you can feel that. At one point I actually paused the show, turned to my husband and said “Can you feel that?” At first he thought we might be having an earthquake, but then realized I was talking about the series. You can feel Dig, trust me.

The end feels good…

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve wanted to smack myself silly waiting for a series to end. Dig ends with dignity and closure and questions. I watched the last episode a few days ago and I’ve got lingering questions about the things that went down. This of course is wonderful. It’s a terrible feeling to have every answer handed to you in a neat box. Like the title implies, digging deeper into the shows material is what it’s all about.

Dig makes you think…

No matter what your spiritual beliefs Dig will get you thinking about God and religion and life and the fragility and strength of the human spirit, and that my friends makes for great TV.

Dig Season 2?

Does it matter? That’s something to think about too.


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