Basement banishment and a broken toe

Ok, raise your hand if you have a basement.

OK, raise your hand if your basement is unfinished and essentially a spider habitat.

Last one, raise your hand if your mother won’t let anything back up from the basement after it’s been banished there.

If you raised your hand to all three, welcome to my world.

This is actually a funny story. As many of you know my mom lives with me and she’s got this old world notion that once something (especially a kitchen something) has been in the basement it’s banished there for life. A couple of years ago I bought a really nice stainless steel wok with a very heavy plexiglass lid. It worked great but took up a ton of room in the kitchen so one day I figured I’d move it into the basement for storage.

Fast forward like three months.

ME: Who wants woked (is that a word) vegetables?

MOM: You’re not bringing that wok back upstairs.

ME: Why not?

MOM: It’s been in the basement.

ME: So, I’ll wash it.

MOM: No.

ME: Why not?

MOM: It’s been in the basement, it’s probably covered in spider webs.

OK, and so the wok stayed in the basement.

No biggie, I can get my woked veggies elsewhere.


I refuse to actually get rid said wok, instead it moves precariously throughout the basement as I rearrange crap. Well today I did a huge clean up, carried a ton of stuff into the basement and wouldn’t you know the dang wok lid (which weighs about 17 lbs) fell off the shelf and cracked my toe.

The good news…no one (except Toby) really gives a hoot about a toe so I bandaged it up and put on a stiff shoe, problem solved.

Alas my poor wok is still banished to the basement.

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