Don’t Take My Jelly Belly’s

I clearly have a problem.

I’m your typical “Type A” workaholic and while I don’t smoke or suck down wine (I’m allergic to that) I do have a bit of a problem with  Jelly Belly’s. Nothing like a sugar high to get you through the day.

The marketing people at Jelly Belly clearly have my number as they designed this super cool “Holiday Favorites” collection this year that consists of  Chocolate Pudding, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie, Candy Cane and Egg Nog. Really, and Egg Nog Jelly Bean?

So I picked up a box of “Holiday Favorites” this weekend and had this conversation.

ME: I got the “Holiday Favorites” Jelly Belly pack!

KID: Cool, can I have it?

ME: No, we have to share.

KID: OK, you can have Pumpkin Pie.

ME: I don’t want Pumpkin Pie. I hate pie, you know that. I want Candy Cane.

KID: OK, you can have four Candy Cane, three Chocolate Pudding and a Cranberry Sauce.

ME: You can have all the Cranberry Sauce if you give me eight Candy Cane and seven Chocolate Pudding and I get to try one Egg Nog.

KID: Deal.

That plan kinda went out the window as I dumped the 4.25 oz Gift Box (which is pretty small) into a dish and the kid and I grabbed like octopuses to get the ones we wanted. Luckily my husband came in, split us up and ate all the Pumpkin Pie.

I clearly have a problem.

PS – If you eat all five flavors at the same time you might want to vomit.

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