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3 Must Have Lush Shampoo Bars For Summer

Ahhh…Summer is upon us which means sun, chlorine and dry hair. Luckily Lush has 3 amazing shampoo bars to beat the Summer heat. Here are 3 “must have Lush Shampoo Bars for Summer.

What is a Lush Shampoo Bar you ask? They are solid bars of shampoo that lather up and clean your hair in the most beautiful way possible! Really, I’m not exaggerating. These concentrated bars last for about 80 washes and according to Lush to the job of 2-3 bottles of shampoo.


Here’s my “3 for Summer” Lush Shampoo Bar Recommendations

Seanik – Up first is one of my all time favorite shampoo bars. Seanik is seaweed (Irish moss seaweed and Japanese nori seaweed) and lemon and leaves your hair soft and shiny. One of the things I love most about these bars is the volumes of soft lather you get. I’m one of those people who needs lather in order to get my hair clean and these deliver. I’ve got super thick wavy hair and Seanik gets through all the layers without reside and the smell is amazing and it reminds me of a rainforest. This is my go-to bar for tamed tresses. Price: $11.95.


Honey I Washed My Hair – My kid loves this scent, which is honey-toffee and made from Fair Trade honey. It gets the icky pool smell washed away in one fell swoop and keeps their hair soft and conditioned. Kids love using these bars too. Much easier than having shampoo run in their eyes and down their face. Price: $9.95


Brazilliant – My final Summer Shampoo Bar recommendation is Brazilliant, which looks and smells like the Florida sun. This bar is bright orange (because it’s made out of oranges) and turns your shower experience into a citrusy spa. Brazilliant does two things to your hair. It tames frizzy hair into big soft waves which somehow makes your hair really large if that makes sense. I use this bar if I want more soft volume. Price: $10.95


So there you have it! 3 amazing shampoo bars that will probably last you the entire Summer for about $30.


6 thoughts on “3 Must Have Lush Shampoo Bars For Summer”

  1. Well, by golly. Shampoo bars are new to me, but they sound amazing! All three of your choices sound like they’d be my favorites, too. Guess I’ll have to at least choose one and give it a try.

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