We Tried Making Crayon Lipstick And Had An Epic Fail

Who the heck thought it was a good idea to make crayon lipstick? I am seeing all of these beautiful pictures on Pinterest and there is NO way these youngsters with their perfect lips are sporting flawless crayon pouts. Don’t waste your time with this mess!

The first try…

On our first attempt we tried mixing clear beeswax lip balm with maroon crayons. This heinous concoction stuck to everything like glue! My lips, the glass dish, my spoon, the dog (ok, not really). I ended up throwing away the dish and the spoon and had to scrub my lips for 10 minutes to “unglue” this mess. Not a good look people!

The second try…

Yep. we tried again. Bad idea. This time we used coconut oil and crayons and while the mix was smoother and less glue-like my lips looked like I made out with the Incredible Hulk. There is no way any human would choose to leave the house wearing green crayon lipstick.

The lesson here…

Buy real lipstick made by people who know what they’re doing. Save the crayons for drawing dogs and cats.

Epic Fail (although we did get a good laugh over it!)

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