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Lush Mask of Magnaminty Review

If you’re looking for a daily cleanser that tackles oil this is the mask for you. Being 46 my skin is far from having a teenage glow but Mask of Magnaminty does give me back some of that youthful texture. I also have very oily skin that needs a good cleaning in the morning and Mask of Magnaminty delivers on removing oil without drying your skin.

Why I Love Mask of Magnaminty.

This is my go-to daily staple (I alternate with Dark Angels and regularly experiment with other Lush facial products). It’s gentle enough for everyday, and tough enough to give you a great clean.

The smell of this product is definitely minty (but it’s not artificial, sweet or icky). Like all Lush products you’re going to get a mixture of earth scents with your main ingredient. Mask of Magnaminty also Ground Aduki Beans, Evening Primrose Seeds and African Marigold Oil which blend in with the mint scent.

The mask itself is a creamy green clay that’s a bit rough from the beans and seeds. Spread a thin layer on your entire face and leave set for 2-3 minutes for a daily clean or leave on for 10 minutes for a deep clean. I wash mine off with a warm wash cloth.

You will definitely notice that your skin is clean and fresh after use and that over time your pores will be smaller.

Another plus I have noticed is that I am acne free. I tend to get hormonal acne breaks outs from time to time and Mask of Magnaminty will quickly eliminate those blemishes.

Tip! I’ve read that putting this product in the fridge will give you a wonderful tingly sensation as the cold magnifies the minty sensation.


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