Physicians Formula Argan Wear Argan Oil Blush Review

I picked up the Physicians Formula Argan Wear Blush today and it’s a mix of pink and glitter in a beautiful case.

What’s to love.

This new product from Physicians Formula is really neat. The nourishing Argan Wear formula was super smooth on my skin and felt light and airy. It also blends very nicely.

The palette is just beautiful too with a few shades of pink molded into a geometric shape with gold glitter on top. Design wise this product is an A+ as it comes with a gorgeous gold compact, mirror and brush. Total eye candy which was why I bought it.

Why it’s not a daily wear for me.

I’m 46-years-old  with fair skin and I just felt that that the glitter and pink was a bit too much. There are literally large flakes of glitter on your face upon application which is fine for evening or a wedding or a Duran Duran concert, I just can’t see wearing that much shimmer to work.

However the gold sits on the top of the product so I was wondering if the more you use the palette will the gold start to disappear? So I brushed off the gold with a cotton ball and it does seem less prominent.

So if you like glitter, use sparingly to get the maximum glitter factor. If you’re not that into the glitter simply wipe it off.

Overall it’s a neat and beautiful product for the price.

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