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Lush Twilight Bath Bomb Review

I just tested out the Twilight Bath Bomb and Wowsa! this one is nice. I can’t believe I haven’t gotten it before.


What’s to love?

First off, I thought this one would be all pink. not so, there’s a surprise in Twilight Here’s how this Lavender wonder progresses…to me it’s got a bit of Harry Potter magic in it as it’s covered with a moon and stars.

First it’s all pink cotton candy fizz.

The first smell you get off of this bath bomb is amazing. The Lavender and Ylang Ylang oil mix really well. In the past Ylang Ylang oil has not been a favorite of mine but it works really well here.


Then a tiny blue bubble appears.

I really had no idea that the center was blue. Seeing the blue bubble appear felt magical.


The blue bubble grows and the water starts to turn purple.

As you can see the inside of Twilight looks a bit like a geode. Very pretty and the smell is still amazing. I would say Twilight is a lot like a Dragon Egg in the way it melts.


The final moment.

It took a good 7 minutes for Twilight to dissolve and the entire process was very fun and entertaining. And my hands felt super soft from handling this one. I imagine an entire bath would be very relaxing.


Final verdict!

At $6.55 I plan to pick up a stash of these to have on hand. Twilight is my new favorite bath bomb. Or course I love ALL the Lush bath bombs so it’s hard to nail down an absolute favorite. So this will be my favorite until I get my next Lush haul.


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