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GlamGlow YouthCleanse Review

I got on the GlamGlow bandwagon about a month ago and have been testing out various sample masks and I’m impressed. GlamGlow is a fairly new company with a neat story. I like reading about the people who make my beauty products and Glenn & Shannon have a great story.

So after my sample attack I decided to order the YouthCleanse Exfoliating Starter Kit from GlamGlow for $39.00. The kit comes with a full size cleanser and 2 15g masks.

The product came super quickly and the packaging was awesome. Lots of black tissue paper to protect it.

Here’s the YouthCleanse product that you get.

What’s to love?

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. You get this giant black and silver cardboard cylinder that holds the cleanser. When you take the top off you are greeted with the “Hello Sexy” logo and a cool spiral paper that wraps around the product (not pictured). This paper give you the low down on what the YouthCleanse does.

I also loved the pump itself. This hefty container feels solid. You get the product out by pumping a few times. I found it super easy to operate.

The cleansing mud is a light brown smooth cream with some grit. I love the smell, it’s light and fresh and just a bit earthy. When I added warm water I got a nice low-bubble cream which I washed my face with. It felt great and rinsed off clean. The bottle says it’s a mud-to-foam cleanser but I can’t really say it felt like foam to me.

Afterwards I did feel like my skin was tighter and felt great. I love a cleanser that makes my skin feel super clean and dry and this one delivered. However if you already have super dry skin you might need to moisturize afterwards. My skin is really oily so I just use a light moisture cream at night.


Overall I’m really impressed with this cleanser. I’ve been using it for a week now and feel like my skin is greatly improved. I like keeping this bottle in the shower so that I can wash my face in the evening when I do shower. I’m excited to try more GlamGlow products too.


4 thoughts on “GlamGlow YouthCleanse Review”

  1. My sister has very oily skin too and she’s in love with the blue colored cleanser from Glamglow, i can’t recall its name.. But it’s a foaming mud cleanser at least x

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