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Smashbox L.A. Lights Blush & Highlighter Review

I picked up the Smashbox L.A. Lights Blush & Highlighter today in Malibu Berry. You get Plum, Rosy Plum and Berry Pink with Gold Shimmer as the highlighter. This trio is awesome!


What’s to love?

Normally I have such a hard time choosing a blush. It’s easy to go too dark or too orange or too sparkly and you end up looking like a clown. Luckily Smashbox makes it easy to be goof proof with their L.A. Lights Blush & Highlighter sets which come in a trio of beautiful complementary colors.

I choose the Malibu Berry set because I love the darker pinks on my fair skin. It also comes in Pacific Coast Pink and  Culver City Coral sets.

I love that you get 3 colors to play with. The Berry Pink with Gold Shimmer is amazing as a highlighter and really brought out the depth in my cheeks without being too sparkly. The product itself is super pigmented and smooth. I use a large blush brush to apply and it so easy to blend.

Overall I am super impressed with this blush so far and although Smashbox tends to be on the pricey side I know this palette will last a really long time. It’s also a relief to have finally found a blush that I love so much right from day one. I usually buy blush, get it home and then decide it’s not so great. Not so with the L.A. Lights Blush & Highlighter. Love this one!


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