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Ulta Lipstick Review

I love getting low cost quality lipstick and I am pretty impressed with the Ulta brand which I am rediscovering.  I usually pick these up when there’s a free gift available. At only $8 you get build up a nice collection of colors including matte.


What’s to love?

I love to change my lip color everyday. It’s just fun to have a nice selection of shades available to fit my mood or wardrobe and and while I’d like to own the entire Urban Decay Vice collection that would be a bit pricey so I mix high and and lower end brands for variety.

Here’s the 3 in the photo from left to right.

Mulberry Matte – I got this in my Ulta gift this week and although it’s a bit dark I think it will look great for Fall. It is a true matte and is non-drying and stays in place. It’s got zero scent and feels super light. The only thing I’d recommend is using a lip liner to keep it off your face.

The standard lipstick comes in a nice gunmetal case with a clear top for color viewing which I love. The case feels weighty and sturdy.

Think Pink Shimmer – This is an older shade that I don’t see on the website. My mom actually had this one in her stash and never used it so I grabbed it. I love the pink shimmer which is a great Summer color. This one is not as creamy as the Urban Decay Vice line but goes on smooth and looks like a light sparkle.

Hot Coral Cream – This is yet another shade that my mom was hiding! This cream is a nice orangey shade with that’s just a bit too bright for my complexion but I liked how it went on.

Overall I’m glad that I rediscovered the Ulta Lipstick line and want to get a few more. None of the 3 had any stickiness or felt heavy which I love and they are gluten-free which I doubly love!

The only strange thing is that the older two shades were Made in Canada and the matte shade was Made in China. Not sure what’s up with that but I prefer cosmetics that are not made in China. Is that an issue with anyone else? I’m curious if China made cosmetics are considered safe. I mean I know it’s a US brand and NYX is Made in China too. Just curious what everyone else thinks about this.


The cases.



10 thoughts on “Ulta Lipstick Review”

  1. One of my favorite lipsticks from Ulta was Iced Cappucino. I wore it for years, then they changed the formula. I would think it would be okay being from China. I can’t imagine they would sell it if it was unsafe, I hope not anyway.

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