NYC Get It All Lipstick Review

I am so excited about my drugstore finds this week! Today I got my August Target Beauty Box in the mail which has all sorts of fun stuff (more coming soon) and one of the products is a full size NYC Get It All LipstickNYC Get It All Lipstick in PINKtastic.


What’s to love?

NYC feels similar to NYX is quality which is very good. This is my first experience with them and I really like the Get It All Lipstick.

First up I love the case. The top is clear so you can see the color and the lipstick has a nice angle to it which makes application a breeze.

As for the product itself…it has a very pleasant vanilla scent and so much pigmentation. As you can see from the swatch it’s a beautiful shade of light pink in a cream. The lipstick is super smooth with no stickiness and my lips feel moisturized with it on. It claims to be long lasting too. I did eat and drink with it on and so far it’s staying in place.

PS – I can’t get a good photo with the product on my lips. We’re having a storm and my indoor lighting is just awful! But is does look very pretty.


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