Fall 2016 Essie Playing Koi Review

Essie just released their Fall 2016 Japanese inspired shades and they are beautiful! The collection consists of:

Playing Koi – flirtatious orange rust (which is what I got)
Maki Me Happy – crimson-wrapped berry
Kimono-Over – inviting damson plum
Now and Zen – timeless sage gray
Udon Know Me – mysterious stony blue
Go Go Geisha – antique blossom pink

I have been looking for a pumpkin spice shade and this is exactly what I wanted!


What’s to love?

Essie is one of my favorite high end nail polishes and their new Fall 2016 collection caught my eye because of the Playing Koi shade which looks like pumpkin spice to me!

The dark burnt orange looks amazing in person and is super shiny without being shimmery. My nails look like glass. In the photo I have one coat but I think I am going to add a second coat and do my toes.

Essie nail polish is easy to apply and two coats seems to work for me. The trick is to apply evenly otherwise you can get uneven spots. I can usually get about 4-5 days out of the Essie polish. I would probably get more days if I didn’t use my nails as tools!

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