ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color Review

I received the ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color in Nourishing Nude in my September 2016 Allure Beauty Box.


What’s to Love?

This is the first time I have seen a “Breathable” nail polish. According to Orly the polish allows oxygen and hydration to penetrate nails which is supposed to nourish and strengthen you nails. It’s also got argan oil, vitamin B5, and vitamin C.

I applied one coat of the Nourishing Nude shade and it pretty much feels and smells like regular polish. I think I was expecting it to smell a little different.

The consistency is more on the goopy side (as opposed to a thin polish) on the brush but I was easily able to polish may nails quickly. The polish dried very hard and the color is more like a clear top coat and it’s got great shine. The second coat (see below) didn’t look that much different and did take longer to dry.


I do want to try an actual color to see how a pigmented shade looks and I’m curious to see if my nails are healthier after a few weeks.

Overall I think this is a nice nail polish for $8.99 and worth trying to see if it makes my nails stronger.


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