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Lush Pumpkin Halloween Bath Bomb Review

The Lush Pumpkin Halloween 2016 Bath Bomb is here and it’s amazing. I think this is my favorite Lush Fall scent so far (of course I say that all the time!)


What’s to love?

The Halloween Pumpkin Bath Bomb smells a lot different wet than dry. It was a bit strong for me dry. The main ingredient is Pimento Berry Oil AKA allspice and I think it’s just super strong dry. When wet the allspice mixes with exotic pimento, sweet vanilla and warming cinnamon to create the most amazing warm scent.

This bath bomb is orange on the outside and yellow on the inside and when I say orange…I mean orange! Bright, beautiful Halloween orange which is nice but it does leave a reside. It does not stain but I had to wipe the orange ring out of the tub and if you get it on your skin undiluted it will leave a little orange too.

Overall I love this bath bomb, it’s great for cool October night and will leave your bathroom smelling so good!

Price: $6.95




9 thoughts on “Lush Pumpkin Halloween Bath Bomb Review”

  1. I just went yesterday ! I didn’t get the pumpkin one (although it smelled delicious), but I did get the goth fairy. MMM mm. All the fall lush products are Ah-may-zing!

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