Borghese B Lip Gloss Review

The Borghese B Lip Gloss is super pigmented and beautiful. I got this full-sized product as part of a gift set and it’s called Shimmer Berry.


What’s to love?

The Borghese B Lip Gloss is a great formula with plenty of pigmentation and shine. One thing about Borghese is that sometimes they include colors in their gift sets that you can’t buy individually and this is one of them.

Shimmer Berry is perfect for Fall and holiday events and I like to wear a little of this if I’m going out for dinner or a party. It’s got full on shimmer in the form a tiny, tiny gold specks and is a rich burgundy (with a hint a pink tone) shade.

This lip gloss is on the thicker side so I need to do a little clean up around the edges or wear a good liner. I love the shine I get from this gloss and it feels nice on my lips, it’s very moisturizing for the cold weather. I also fell like this luminous color has good staying power for a gloss.


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