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EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm Review

I’m a big fan of the EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) line and I picked up the Strawberry Sorbet for my purse today.


What’s to love?

This cute little egg shaped lip balm smells amazing. It’s a totally creamy blend of strawberry and vanilla and it smells completely natural. I have also used the Sweet Mint flavor and love that one too.

The shea butter and jojoba oil formula also leaves my lips feeling moisturized but never greasy. The lip balm design is also really cool. It’s easy to apply, it’s almost impossible to miss your lips and it doesn’t get flakey like some stick lip balms can get.

I would say it lasts about an hour on my lips, which is usually about the time I get from most lip balms.

The egg is easy to open but you do need both hands to twist and pull the lip off. It’s also got a flat bottom so you can keep the egg on your desk!


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