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Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Painter’s Palette Review

OK, I’m a bit addicted to these Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers palettes for Halloween. They are very inexpensive and a nice quality. My latest acquisition is the Painter’s Palette in Alien Seductress which includes black, white, pink and purple face make-up for Halloween. I got this one at Walgreens’ for $3.99.


What’s to love?

If you’ve got kids you know that they have at least 3 Halloween events and that means you need a lot of Halloween make-up! Even though Wet N Wild is Made in China I at least trust the brand and I prefer buying this over the generic Halloween make-up.

I was super impressed with 3 out of the 4 colors. The black, white and pink had great pigmentation however the purple was a little light. The face paint is smooth and has a light chemical scent but nothing offensive to me. This pans are pretty large too. This looks like a great set for  cat whiskers or a fairy look.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with these Fantasy Makers sets.


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