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Lush Snow Fairy Christmas Fun Review

I got my first Lush Christmas order yesterday and I am so excited and I’ll be reviewing Lush Christmas products right up until December 25th. First up is one of three Fun products that Lush has for the holidays called Snow Fairy, this one is amazing!


What’s to love?

I think this is my favorite Lush Fun variety for holiday season although they are all really, really  nice. Snow Fairy is a shimmery white, gold and pink mixture that smells like candy (it’s all bubblegum and vanilla) and you even get little wings and a wand to make your own Snow Fairy.


What I love about Fun is that you (and the kids) and create any shape you want. Get creative with creating a magic wand, white cat, pink hat or a gold turtle! Kids seriously love making all kinds of great stuff with Fun and they get clean.

I literally love walking into Lush during the holidays I just need a reasonable budget.



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