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ChapStick Total Hydration Moisture +Tint Review

I just got the new ChapStick Total Hydration Moisture +Tint in my October Target Beauty  Box and I’m really loving. It’s like ChapStick with a kick!

What’s to love?

If you’re a fan of ChapStick you’re probably going to love this new stick. It’s basically a new formulation with lots of moisture and a little bit of color. My stick is called Merlot and it smells like cherry. As you can see from the swatch it’s a dark berry red but it just gives my lips a hit of color.

According to ChapStick it’s got 100% naturally sourced ingredients and it’s made from rosehip and jojoba oils.  It also comes in Rose Petal and Coral Blush.

I think this will be great for Winter when I’m outside and need some moisture but don’t really want to pull out the full-on lipstick!

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